Why Does It Take So Long to Get COVID-19 Testing Results?

COVID-19 Testing

If you suspected yourself of getting the coronavirus and had COVID-19 testing done, the period of anticipation for the test results might have been the most trying time for you. When COVID-19 testing near me initially became available in the month of March, healthcare providers had to test based on priorities of those who met the criteria for testing. Those who may have had symptoms of the virus would have had to wait to take a test which was no doubt, extremely frustrating for almost everyone.

Although COVID-19 testing is fairly more available today, and the testing criteria have also expanded, just about anybody can get tested quickly.

When should you get tested?

If you are somebody who feels as though they have active Covid 19 at the moment and you’re experiencing some symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, fever or chills, extreme fatigue, an ache in the body or muscles, headaches, a degree of loss in smell or taste, feeling congested or having a runny nose, experiencing diarrhoea nausea or vomiting, and have a sore throat – get tested today!

If you are sure you are from communities that are experiencing the rate of this disease contraction higher than other communities, then get tested immediately. Or if you know of having attended any gathering in the recent past without maintaining physical distance or sans the masks, then also get tested for Covid 19.

Challenges of testing for COVID-19

With a record level of people getting tested for the virus, labs and testing facilities are experiencing a number of challenges, especially in terms of their capacity to test. The bottleneck for testing is very narrow and completely filled out and at capacity. And if you are one of those lucky people who has got it tested and are still awaiting your results, don’t be a little faint of heart instead take it as a good sign.

Most often, people who have gotten a positive result on their Covid 19 testing tend to hear from their health care provider at the quickest. The test administration and results process normally take about two business days. So please take into account if you got tested on Thursday or Friday and were waiting for the results, but there may have been a long wait period for you to get your results, taking into account the weekend.

It may take a longer time for you to get a word from the laboratory as you may have only had a negative test result. Be sure to take precautions until you get your results in hand. Also take into account that lavatories are overwhelmed with the amount of testing going on, and have a shorthand staff available working round the clock to fulfil the testing and result seeking period. 

The Rate of Positivity Is Increasing

The amount of people getting tested when is able to get a clear picture of a level of the spread of the disease in any community. This study of communities and how the virus is spreading takes a bit more time just to show the results of the COVID-19 testing.

Prioritizing Tests

As more and more healthcare providers in pharmacies of local and national level laboratories are struggling to keep up with the demand of testing and results, the prioritised basis of testing on the basis of the overall capacity and test supplies also play a massive role in the scale of getting results.  

There is absolutely no need for one to feel stressed. If either of you is tested positive, the chances of you knowing it are rather sooner than later. Sure, the pandemic is so difficult and stressful but awaiting your results in peace is also key.


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