Which flowers to keep in which corner of the house and how to maintain them.

Which flowers to keep in which corner of the house

As we all know that nature has decided a certain time for every crop and fruit to grow. And so does every flower that is grown in the field. We need to follow the natural cycle so that flowers wherever you choose to keep them blooming well and the money that you spent gardening doesn’t go wasted. 

So in today’s article, we’re discussing those house plants that are easily available in the market you can grow them at home that can be kept inside your house to decorate it or the can be taken somewhere else like in your garden or maybe in any other rooms, corners, where you can easily create something beautiful in the garden or the corners. And then the best part of growing flowers in your garden you can send flowers to Bangalore the same day as Bengaluru for your friends and family. Let’s check out which flowers to keep exactly in your house. 

1) Roses 

Roses look amazing in the garden and the best part is that they don’t require too much care, all you have to do is sow a stem of any rose and use black soil that absorbs water properly. Water it once in a day and don’t ever over water it, otherwise, the plant will be rotten in a few days. However they do need proper sunlight, but the direct heat during summers will damage permanently. Plant roses on all along the boundaries. Fresh flowers since the morning would be a great change in your garden. 

2) Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum comes in a variety of shapes and it has various types. In colors, they range from exotic whites to dark purple. It requires well-drained soil and the best part is that you can either create a space outside your window to grow chrysanthemum in that or you can keep it next to the window sill.  Just remember to grow them during the spring season, that way they’ll bloom well. And make sure to grow it in only one kind of temperature, that is if you are exposing it to bright sunlight then let it be there forever and if you are growing it inside then let it be inside forever. And if you are still confused with what to do then the best online flowers delivery in gurgaon is available so order grown flowers online and just let them grow in your house. 

3) Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of the best flowers available to us. And they are room-based plants that you need to keep them in the coolest place inside your room, they’ll thrive well. You can also buy flowers like hydrangeas online that are already grown for you in the nursery and then delivered. And the best part is that you don’t have to water them too often, don’t let them drown in water. And maybe you could choose to keep them in your room, but they need light too, so for a while, you can keep them near the window sill. The best part is that they are available in as many shades as possible from light pink to dark pink, violet to lavender and all their lighter shades, whites and multicolored as well. And all the shades of green and white. This means you can either keep them in contrast to your walls or match it with them. 

4) Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is a beautiful flower, and you can buy online flowers & cake delivery in bangalore. The best way to use this flower in your house is to keep an additional flower with other flowers such as if you have some tulips in a vase or maybe you can combine baby’s breath with another flower and grow these two together but make sure that they require the same kind of temperatures. Baby breath looks amazing as an additional flower and they are cheap so they are often used in weddings in place of roses. So you can keep these flowers in any corner of the house, maybe on the center table, in your garden or maybe make a chandelier out of it. 


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