Want a 32-inch LED TV? Check Out These Buying Tips

Want a 32-inch LED TV? Check Out These Buying Tips

In the recent past, we have seen Indian consumers showing tremendous interest in buying 32-inch LED TVs. While Xiaomi continues to rule the roost with nearly 30 percent market share during the first quarter of the year, we now have other brands like VU, OnePlus and Realme entering the Indian smart TV market. 

In fact, Xiaomi has almost laid the perfect blueprint for other brands to tap into the market potential in the country. OnePlus, VU and Realme now offer excellent 32 inch LED TV at almost the same price point, which not only gives consumers a wide range of options, but also enables them to pick and choose the smart TV that they want from their preferred brand.

Indian consumers have always been budget-conscious, and we want the best bang for our buck. Understandably, we want to choose the best TV from the options that are available, and purchasing a 32-inch LED TV is also generally regarded as a safe investment, considering we don’t have to shell ridiculous amounts to buy a smart TV, unless consumers prefer buying premium smart TV models.

So the question arises: how do you select the best TV from the available options? Here are a few handy tips that will help you in choosing your new smart TV.

Price versus Viewing Experience

Ultimately, you have to choose between price and viewing experience. While it is true that brands like Xiaomi, VU, Realme and OnePlus offer excellent smart TVs at pocket-friendly prices, there is a reason that some people still opt for premium brands like Sony. For instance, while Xiaomi currently enjoys a lion’s share of the smart TV segment owing to the popularity of its 32 inch LED TV, they come with HD Ready displays, while the Sony Bravia 32-inch Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W6272G comes with full HD display, but costs more than twice the amount of the Mi LED TV.

Ultimately, you have to decide between the amount you are willing to pay, and the viewing experience you need. Sony TVs also come with additional features like X-Reality PRO, HDR Support and Clear Audio+ technology, which justify the price tag.

Feature-Rich TVs

The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ might not be applicable in its entirety here, but it still does hold water. While brands like VU and Xiaomi do offer pocket-friendly, feature-rich TVs, premium brands pack more features and better technology (hence the premium price). After knowing how much one would want to pay for a smart TV, they have to think then about the screen size and the features available. For instance, the LG 32-inch HD Ready LED Smart TV 32LK616BPTB comes with a magic remote, which lets users control all the devices connected to the smart TV.

Similarly, the Kodak 32-inches HD Ready LED Smart TV 32HDXSMART Pro lets you use the smart TV as a computer, as you can work on files that you download from the cloud. It is important for consumers to consider various features being offered by different brands, and know what they would need in their smart TV before making the purchase.


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