Virtual Baby Shower Ideas and Planning Tips During COVID


If you are pregnant and are thinking about cancelling your baby shower in light of the pandemic, then let us stop you right there. Perhaps you haven’t heard of a virtual baby shower. Although the concept of a virtual meets up via a video chat platform is not something new, having an online baby shower has become more mainstream now.  Want to celebrate online but not sure how to go about it? Our handy tips and ideas can get you started on the planning process.

Choose a virtual venue

First things first, you need to choose a platform to host your online party. There are a lot of options out there – Google Meet, Skype, Zoom etc. Not all guests may be tech-savvy, so it is important to choose a platform that everyone is comfortable with. We would recommend Zoom, as you have the option to have virtual backgrounds and also record the entire event. Zoom usually allows only a 40 minute session in the free version, but fret not, you can always set up a new session if required and get going instantly.

Put your game mode on

Organize some interactive games that you can play online with your friends and family. A virtual baby shower does not totally replace an in-person shower, but throwing in some games sure does bring it a lot closer to the real deal. Here are some fun games that you can include for your shower

Who’s the baby?

The host shares childhood pictures of some of the guests, and the rest of the guests have to find out who’s picture it is. Go back in time and stir up some good old memories with this game.

How well do you know  the mom-to-be?

This is all about the momma to be and who knows her best.  Throw in questions like “what’s her favourite movie?”, “how many kids does she want?”, what’s her favourite flavour of ice cream?” and so on. Send out questionnaires to guests before the event and get them to fill in and send them back. You can reveal the scores during the online party and share some really funny answers with all the guests.

Guess the Price

Raising a baby can be expensive, with so many new needs – bedding, diapers, bath essentials, toys and clothing. Let guests guess exactly how expensive it can be! Hold up some common baby essentials such as a pack of diapers, a feeding bottle or a onesie and let the guests guess the price of each. The one whose guess is closest to the actual price wins.

Send out e-invitations

Now that you have the virtual shower kind of figured out, it is time to send those invitations. Avoid the hassle of mailing out printed invitations or meeting guests in person to hand out invites. Go digital with WhatsApp baby shower invitations that you can send with a touch of a button. There are templates available online, so all you have to do is customize the contents and download your copy right away. Oh, and did we mention that digital invitations are both the environment and pocket friendly?

Set up a baby gift registry

Of course, we can’t forget the baby shower gifts. Make it easier for your guests by setting up an online baby gift registry. This way, your loved ones know exactly what to give you, and they can buy or contribute towards anything on your list. The best part is that they can send a gift from the comfort of their homes, and the gift is delivered to your doorstep. Every gift is meaningful and cherished forever.

Have a guestbook

So what if guests can’t attend the baby shower in person? With a guestbook, they can still share their audio/video/text messages, wishes and toasts virtually.  You can make your guestbook part of your website (templates for which are available online for free). You can even integrate your online party and gift registry with your website so everything including the baby shower event details is accessible from a single place.

Thank your guests for celebrating with you!

Send them personalised thank you notes via email or just give them a quick call after the event. You can also check if your registry offers the feature to send digital thank you notes. You don’t have to stop there, you can also consider sending some sweets or desserts to your guests to make them feel special.

So there you go – nobody has to travel, you can invite a much bigger group and a virtual baby shower is much less expensive when compared to an in-person shower. Now nobody misses your baby shower! Are you all set to celebrate?


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