Various Types of Insurance Policies for Landlords

Various Types of Insurance Policies for Landlords

Buying the property is costly and it demands years of investment to build a home of your choice. If you’re trying to settle in the UK, you must have a handsome amount of money to buy the property of your choice.

Now, you have bought the property in an area of your choice, you will be thinking of protecting it. For that, you need to search for the Best landlord Insurance UK to keep your property safe, secure and protected. Usually, the landlord insurance helps you cover physical property related to the home you’re letting out to rental. This may protect your home, and the households it has. Usually, the landlord insurance policies may provide;

Dwelling: This type of insurance policy can pay for the repairs of the house, or apartment in which you’re living. The insurance policy will pay you for your home or apartment if it is damaged by fire, light, wind, earthquake or hailing.

Other Structures: Buying rental property insurance can help you pay you to repair the detached structure on your rental property. For instance, the detached fetch or fence, when it gets damaged by the covered loss.

Personal Property Used to Service the Rental: If you are using a snowblower or lawnmower while maintaining your rental property, buying property insurance can help you cover this equipment when it gets damaged. On the other hand, if you leave your car, bike or other such expensive things at your home you have rented out, it won’t be covered.

All type of coverages that are mentioned above are subject to the deductibles and the limits stated in your specific insurance policy. Your deductible is the amount that the insurer asks you to pay for the covered loss when the landlord insurance comes in the play. The insurer will set a limit above which your loss won’t be covered. Each policy requires a different amount to pay for which you will be covered what would be mentioned in the policy. Different policies have different deductibles and so each has a varying limit. Some insurance companies will allow you to set your deductible and the limit alongside.

Landlord Liability Protection

The Best Landlord Insurance UK has liability portion that can assist you to pay for another’s medical bills or your legal expenses if someone at your rental property gets injured on your rental property and you will be held responsible to pay the losses.

Let me illustrate you with an example, if someone at the property you have rented outfalls downstairs, the court will announce the case. If you found to fail to maintain the railings or stairs, then you would find guilty and the court will ask you to pay the tenant’s medical, legal or other costs that come in the way. In such a case, the landlord liability coverage can cover the mentioned expenses according to your policy limit. Moreover, you will not be asked to pay the deductible for a liability claim.

Extra Landlord Coverages to Consider

Some property owners want to buy some optional/additional coverages depending on the geographical area, neighbourhood or the condition of your rental.

The optional coverages can be;


Some property owners think of buying vandalism cover as optional coverage. This is usually bought if you are afraid of your property to be vandalized. Then, you need to buy this insurance policy as the traditional insurance policy won’t protect you in this scenario.


You must be aware of the fact that the standard landlord insurance can cover the loss of a damaged home, however, it won’t cover the items stolen at your home. Some homeowners prefer to get this policy as it will help you cover the loss of items that got stolen like machinery or lawnmower.

Rental Property Under Construction

If you are building a new house or renovating your rentals property, you can purchase additional coverage that will help you protect the structure until it gets occupied.

Building Codes

When a building gets damaged and you are trying to repair or replace part of your rental property, International Risk Management Institute requires you to upgrade items like wiring or ventilation, otherwise, you will be charged against it. This is required because city or county codes get changed since your property was originally built. This additional coverage may help reimburse you for those additional costs.

Talk to Cubit Insurance agent if you are looking for the best insurance policy to keep your property protected in the best possible way.


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