Try The Unique Trend Of “Wearing Ownership” With Personalized Name Jewelry

Try The Unique Trend Of “Wearing Ownership” With Personalized Name Jewelry

With Christmas so close, we’re sure your shopping has started. What should I take for my sister, my mother, my best friend and the list goes on. This year gift something that feels very personal and close to the heart. 

Guess what? What’s a better way to show your appreciation than with personalized name jewelry? 

The new generation of designers has taken things just onto the next level. Ownership has always felt great in every way, based on this concept the nameplate jewelry has literally won the hearts of people. 

You can literally put your name on your pieces of personalized jewelry. What makes the trend of individualized pieces of jewelry one-of-a-kind is its flexibility. Personalized name jewelry fits both looks, whether you are a suit-wearing corporate executive or want to match with a traditionalist dress, it all blends in with it. 

Name-denoting designs, such as the nameplate necklace, have made a major commercial comeback due to the increase of personalization culture. In a variety of combinations, a personalized selection of pendants is suitable for a casual-chic look, looping them in a plain gold chain or wearing them as earrings.

A cultural style phenomenon is customized clothing and jewelry pieces, simply because people love the concept of having a distinctive, individual piece that appeals to them uniquely. You can try an initial bar necklace, Uma necklace even if you’re planning to get one. 

How to clean/maintain the name jewelry:

Step 1: Planning and preparations to clean:

Tools needed are: 

A bowl, a toothbrush, mild cleaner-free detergent, lint-free soap, and a good microfiber cloth

Stage 2: Soapy water:

Wipe each piece of jewelry with a plain and soft cloth to restore its natural shine. 

Then in a tub, combine a medium-type detergent that is not hard/harsh, it’s few drops in hot water.

Stage 3: Brush and Soak 

Soak your jewelry, make sure it’s one piece or item at a time. Then dip into the water mixture with a light soft-bristled brush and gently clean your jewelry. This will help to offer a thorough cleaning to each item. 

Stage 4: Dry and Rinse 

Carefully rinse each piece. Lightly dry the pieces of jewelry after rinsing by softly patting them with a soft cloth.


Night to morning:

It is important to take good care of your pieces of jewelry from dawn to dusk. Keep some things in mind like after your morning routine, the jewelry should be the last thing you put on. First, add make-up, perfumes, and deodorant so that your jewelry does not damage them.

 A great piece of advice would be to put your clothes on first so that your jewelry does not catch them. Also, try not to expose your jewels to sunlight.  In addition to the same, another suggestion to know is that salt-water and chlorine will damage your jewelry, try not to wear your pieces while swimming.

This style of jewelry is definitely going to make you stand out in the crowd even when there are many people trying to do the same, but because of your name and your personality, you will still be seen in a unique manner.


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