Strategic Use of Social Media for Financial Advisors

Social Media

With the advent of social media, there has been an increase in networking and communication globally. The tech space has truly made the world a global village. Communication has been made easy and largely enhanced! Social media has broken down the various complexities of communication, marketing and advert, sales, and customer relation to easily relatable and accessible modes. It is almost stress-free to reach out to your clients across the globe with just a few clicks on your mobile phones, laptop, or other communication devices. Some of the most intriguing features of social media include; simplicity, effectiveness, dynamicity, capacity, and resourcefulness.

Every sector or institution in society benefits from its usefulness. As a resourceful tool, it can be used by Financial advisors to amplify their marketing and communication strategies. You might have various concerns as an accountant such as how to reach out to desired prospective clients, how to build a large customer base,  how to constantly engage them, how to get feedback from your clients, and so on. Well, the solution to all of these questions is social media.

So as a financial advisor, how do you capitalize on this development in communication to enhance growth, marketing, visibility (enhanced customer reach to build a large customer base)? How can you strategically use social media for financial advisors?

Social Media; A Dynamic Marketing Tool for Financial Advisors

Social media marketing is a type of marketing that uses various trendy communication applications to reach out to clients globally. As an accountant or a certified public accountant, there are some intricacies that you have to pay attention to when trying to use social media as a tool to introduce prospective clients globally. We are exposed to various content from individuals or firms all over the world. These contents are many times advert or marketing content that has been carefully drafted to emphasize various areas of specialization.

Social media is not just a communication medium for financial advisors, it is a place to give a good sales pitch through the advert and marketing such that you can get your desired clients. This would therefore require a certain level of professionalism to engage your clients while remaining ethical. 

Arrowroot Family office has therefore decided to groom aspiring Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) to attain all forms of professional and social skills that could enhance growth as an Accountant. We came up with the Wealth Management Forward Course which is embedded with the knowledge that drives Accountants about being deliberate to equip themselves with various skills including communication, marketing, advert, customer relation, branding, and any finance skill. This is in a bid to ensure that at every point in time, you can meet the needs of your clients while you keep up with your career growth.

Learn from The Wealth Management Forward Course and Maximize Social Media for active Sales and Branding!

The Wealth Management Forward (WMF) course does not only help you as an accountant (or your firm) to become an RIA, it also helps you to build useful wealth managerial skills such as financial planning and investment advisory. Asides from being equipped with wealth managerial skills WMF also exposes you to key areas that many accountants do not pay attention to and that is selling yourself to a ready audience. Upon equipping you with relevant skills poises the ability to advertise your brand to a larger audience online.

The usefulness of equipping yourself with relevant skills is not for you to randomly harness skills but also to ensure that these skills help you to reach out to the right audience who have various financial advisory needs. It is therefore important for all aspiring RIAs to study this course with an intent to grow in the finance industry. In all, social media is the quintessential tool needed by all financial advisors to reach out to their intended audience and further.


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