Steps to Follow If You Lost Your Driving Licence

Steps to Follow If You Lost Your Driving Licence

In case your original driving licence has been lost or got damaged, then you need to apply for a duplicate licence. However, you can only get a duplicate driving licence from the same RTO that issued the original driving licence to you. Hence, let’s assume a person got the original DL from the RTO Offices in Punjab, then the duplicate copy of the driving licence will be issued by the same RTO. However, you can submit the application for duplicate licence both through online as well as offline medium. Here’s the list of documents required to get for a duplicate DL in India:

  • In case the DL is stolen, a copy of FIR needed
  • LLD Application form 
  • If the original one is lost, a copy of the driving licence needed
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Copy of Aadhar Card or PAN Card as Identity proof
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Educational Certificate as Age proof
  • Copy of Address Proof

The documents remain the same irrespective of the mode of application. Hence, if you have the above-mentioned documents, you can either apply online or through offline mode to obtain a duplicate driving licence. For the online mode of application, either the state transport website or the Sarathi has to be visited. For instance, an application for duplicate driving licence in Punjab (PB) can be submitted through the Punjab’s transport website. For offline mode of application, the local RTO from where the original driving licence was issued, has to be visited. Once the documents are verified by the RTOs, the duplicate driving licence is sent through speed post at the registered address. The application fee for obtaining a duplicate DL can vary depending on the state.

If you wish to apply for a duplicate driving licence from the comfort of your home, then you can apply online by following the below steps: 

  • Visit the Sarathi website and down the LLD form 
  • Upload all the scanned documents on the Sarathi website and the other information such as DL number, date of birth, local RTO details etc.
  • Pay the required amount as an application fee
  • Alternatively, you can take the print out of the application form
  • Take the form and the required documents to the nearest RTO

Once the scanned documents uploaded by you have been checked by the concerned authority, a duplicate driving licence is issued. Another important point is that for issuance of a duplicate driving licence, a driving test is not conducted. Once everything has been verified and the application has been submitted, the duplicate DL is given to the person. 

In case you want to apply offline for obtaining a duplicate driving licence, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Visit the local RTO and get the LLD form
  • Fill in all the details
  • Take the application form and other documents to the RTO from where the original DL was issued
  • Submit the application fee
  • Take the receipt from the RTO
  • Once the verification is done, a duplicate LC will be sent to the registered address through post 



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