Six Proven & Practical Tips To Boost Your Mobile App Revenue

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Six Proven & Practical Tips To Boost Your Mobile App Revenue

Mobile phones have become an inevitable commodity of life all over the world. From leisure activities such as watching movies, playing games and shopping to businesses, smartphones are used for different purposes. That’s all because of mobile apps.

The dramatic growth of the mobile app sector is increasing by the day. And it is expected to triple in the coming years. Smartphones with powerful apps are taking over desktops because of portability and convenience.

Whether it’s a startup or an established company, everyone incorporates successful mobile app strategies into their business plans. With almost everyone preferring the app market, the competition gets more challenging every day. Even every week, millions of apps are launched in the app stores, whether Android or iOS. To make your app stand out from the crowd, you should use intelligent and effective marketing strategies.

Top 6 Practical Tips To Double Your Mobile App Sales

Here are the top six tips you can follow to drive your mobile gainings.

Tip #1 – Create simple and accessible navigation

Conversion rate is one of the most critical factors you need to consider when marketing your app. Higher conversion rates mean higher revenue generation. You need more users for your mobile app in simple terms, thanks to convenient and straightforward navigation.

Make sure the navigation feature of your app is intuitive yet straightforward as per the users’ demand. What’s more, your navigation should provide great space that users could use to click the buttons with less effort. Most importantly, it is essential to use relevant CTA.

Tip #2 – Integrate the latest trends

Integrating attractive and trendy features is one of the most effective ways to make your app engaging. With the rapid advancement and development in technology, there are many trends you can incorporate in your business if you want to make your app enjoyable, especially in your target market. Make sure you hire iOS and Android app developers who are updated with the latest trends of technology.

Tip #3 – Harness the power of push notifications

If you want to nudge your customers into spending more money on your app, push notification is a great medium. Sending too many push notifications frequently can annoy your customers, leading them to turn it off. However, if you deliver some value to your customers within push notifications such as a discount or a flash sale, it will bring outstanding results. The right kind of push notifications can boost up your conversion rates by up to 50%. Geofencing is another push notification that is location-based and triggers when the app owner is in a specific area.

Tip #4 – Build trust with your audience

Building brand loyalty is an essential aspect of the business. No matter what reward or deal you offer, nothing’s going to bring you higher revenue unless users trust your brand. While there are many ways to cultivate brand loyalty among your customers, social media counts and genuine user reviews are the best. In addition, you can use testimonials, customer recommendations, certificates and badges to boost your conversion rate and eventually the app revenue.

Tip #5 – Provide values to customers

When selecting your mobile app’s market position, design and options, remember the value and objectives you deliver to your customers. It means you need to pay attention to the user’s experience first. Make sure your users are treated as a precious resource. It demands time, real-time exchanging of information with your CRM system, gathering customer’s recorded data to customize benefits and features of added-value products and services.

Tip #6 – Create a sense of urgency to drive mobile conversion

Sounding like a traditional hardcore marketing strategy? Yes, it is! But, it also works in the digital marketing world. Mobile users spend more time and money on these services, but it is vital to feeling the urgency. When you create a sense of urgency for users, you can drive more users and make them pay for services.

Here are three popular things you can do for that:
  • Prompt the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) using a limited offer
  • Encourage your customers to take quick action using the proper CTA
  • Make exclusive promotions.

Apart from this, you can get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company like Appventurez to develop your mobile app.

The Final Thought!

With the rapid development of mobile apps, the competition is increasing in the market. If you want to sustain yourself in this industry, you need to be innovative. To garner the maximum revenue, you need to use the latest IoT and AR/VR technologies and offer exclusive services. In addition, you can follow the tips mentioned above to increase your mobile app downloads.


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