Simple Tips To Types Of Hot Water Systems Effortlessly

Simple Tips To Types Of Hot Water Systems Effortlessly

It is a horrible feeling when your hot water system brakes down, especially during the winters months. It not only forces you to use freezing cold water, but also gives you worries about high repair bills. If your water heating system is beyond repair now and if you are considering buying a new one, then you must have a look at the different types of hot water systems available out there. 

Here, We Can Help You Make The Right Decision.

Electric Water Heaters: Similar to an electric kettle, these water heating systems have a heating element inside them to heat up water when switched on. The size and capacity of the tank may vary, and you have to choose the one as per your bathroom size and family needs. These are available in different sizes, and they are perhaps the cheapest in the market. But in the long run, they are not energy- efficient and can add up significantly to your electricity bills. 

Another type of electric hot water systems is the instantaneous or continuous flow type, which heats up water only when you turn on the hot water tap. These do not have a tank to store hot water but can deliver you a constant supply of hot water as long as you need it.

Gas Water Heaters: Gas water heaters work similarly to the electric ones, with the only difference being the energy source. While electric hot water systems work on electricity, gas models have a gas burner that uses gas to heat up water. These water heaters are smaller in size, because they are able to heat up water much faster than electric ones.

Instantaneous or continuous flow types of gas water heaters are also available in the market. Gas water heaters have become quite common these days because of their energy efficiency and compact size. Since this type of water heater heats up water whenever you turn on the tap, you will never be short of hot water.

Solar Water Heaters: Solar hot water systems are the greenest options available in the market. Most of the new homes being constructed these days have solar water heaters installed, as they work on free sources of energy derived from sunlight, thus helping save a lot of money for the homeowners. 

These water heaters have solar panels that are often installed on the roof. However, a secondary source of energy will also be available, such as gas or electricity, in case it’s not sunny enough to heat up your water.

Heat Pumps: Although a heat pump works on electricity, it is much more energy- efficient than an electric water heating system. It basically works on the technology of a refrigerator working in reverse order. It extracts heat present in the air, sends it to the water, so that it heats up. The technology used in these heat pumps can slash down your electricity bills significantly. However, they are expensive and make loud noise while running.

Which One To Choose? 

Now that you know the different hot water systems available out there, you must be confused about which one to buy for your house. Electric water heater systems are old school devices that run on electricity, increases your utility bills, harms the environment, and heats up the water slowly. Gas water heaters are better in terms of eco-friendliness and they heat up water quite fast. Solar water heaters are expensive to install, but they work on a free source of energy that saves you a huge amount of money in the long run. Heat pumps also work on electricity and create a lot of noise during operation.

The one that you choose largely depends on your family and usage needs, your property, budget and preferred source of energy. Ask experts and let them decide which hot water systems are the best for your household needs.


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