Signs Of Burst Pipe That Need Emergency Plumber

Signs Of Burst Pipe That Need Emergency Plumber

Damage in the drainage lines can be caused due to several reasons, such as pipe damage, rust, improper installation, root intrusions, etc. You must keep a check on your property’s plumbing system, especially if you have an old house. Keep looking for signs, as a neglected issue can soon reach a point of irreparable damage and failure. Immediately call an emergency plumber so that they can check and fix the issue before it gets too late.

Here Are A Few Signs That May Indicate That There Is A Burst Pipe In Your Plumbing Lines.

Water Puddles at Places: If there is leakage at some point of your plumbing system and you do not give attention to it, you may soon begin seeing water puddles under the leaking part. Sometimes, water may also gush out from the area. Consider water puddles as an emergency situation and call an emergency plumber right away. They will quickly come to your place and identify the leakage to fix it in time. 

Fluctuations In Water Pressure: Burst pipe in the line may lead to reduced pressure of water coming out from your faucets. Low pressure will not be able to push the gunk down the drain, as a result of which you will also see water clogging in your toilets, basins and sinks. If water pressure in your faucets has dropped down suddenly, then perhaps it has leakage somewhere. In such a situation, switch off the faulty faucet and get help of an emergency plumber without delay.

Mold: If mold you see mold formation on your walls or a part of your ceiling, then there is a possibility of burst pipe beneath walls. Mold can start forming only when humidity rises over 55% in a place. A burst pipe trapped behind a wall can raise the humidity to that point, as a result of which mold may start developing. Take help of an emergency plumber quickly to identify and fix the source of the issue.

Dirty and Smelly Water from the Faucets: Dirty or smelly water from your faucets indicates a burst pipe in the plumbing line. The brown color of water may be because of rust in your pipes. Smell in the water is a sign that the faulty plumbing line is unable to push sewage out, thereby leading to foul smell in the main line. Emergency plumber can come to your rescue and pinpoint the problem to repair it in time.

Marks On The Walls: If there is a burst pipe anywhere, you may see marks of water in the area on the wall. Such marks on the ceiling indicate that the water is leakage into your ceiling from the floor above you. When there are water marks, it becomes easier to identify the problem source. Depending on the issue and the location of the problem, an emergency plumber would whether the entire wall needs to be mended or only a part of it after fixing the real issue.

Increased Water Bills: If water is leaking somewhere, even if you don’t know it, your water bill will increase suddenly. If you notice such increase but you are sure that you have not changed any of your bathing or washing habits, then it can be taken as a sign of water leakage and wastage. 

When you notice any of these signs of burst pipe in your property, call an emergency plumber immediately. They will inspect your plumbing system and resolve their issue with their range of water repair services. Ensure to check their experience and past history before hiring.  


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