Selecting the Best Firewood


When winter starts the fireplace in your home becomes your friend, which makes you stock up firewood and get prepared. So, here’s an article to help you select the best quality firewood for sale near me and how to store them.

  • Right Hardwood Types

You should select hardwoods like the locust, black maple, oak and hickory as they burn for a longer time and linger fire with lots of coals. However, if you want to get small fries at home, then selecting softer woods like birch is popular and the cottonwood is recommended.

  • Properly Dried Wood

Select firewood that has been dried properly, as if it will be wet it won’t ignite or will burn slowly and inefficiently with producing a lot of smoke.


How Can You Know Before Buying Firewood Is Fully Dry?

  1. Dry wood is lighter and has cracks on ends.
  2. When wood dries, it changes its color to grey, yellow or deep brown.
  3. When you bang two logs, it should produce hollow smack rather than a thud.
  4. Dry wood will feel warm when touched.
  5. And at last, you can also check by burning wood as dry wood ignites and burns easily, wherein wet wood is hard to light and hisses in the fire.
  • Buy the Right Size

The right size firewood will help in avoiding leftovers. When you split wood, it should be no longer than 16 inches; you can check where to buy firewood near me to get the safer size of them and use it in your indoor or outdoor fireplaces.

  • Don’t Store Firewood Inside House

It is a big no to store firewood in your homes, as they may have termites, ants, some other insects in them, and nobody likes their presence. You should store them outside covered properly to keep them safe. Always keep them weighed down on top with stones or brick, but don’t fully cover them to allow ventilation. Keep them off the ground and don’t stack firewood against the wall.

How Is Firewood Quantity Measured?

When you buy firewood near me from dealers, you will know the standard unit of measuring it is the cord which is 4×4×4 feet. However, many dealers sell firewood in fractions of cord known as “face cords” “stove cords” or “furnace cords”. These are woods that are 4 feet high,8 feet long and 12 to 20 inch wide.

How Much Does A Cord of Firewood Costs?

As you know, the price of soft and hardwoods are different, and it also depends on where to buy firewood near me, as every dealer will offer a different price.

Generally, the firewood price depends on the fact that what is the stumpage price, it’s transportation charges, cutting and splitting of wood, the seasonal pricing and also the geographical region demands. Moreover, for the retail price you need to visit firewood near me shop and search for yourself.

However, when you buy firewood, you should not look for a cheap deal. Rather you should select what fits your fireplace with the right length, thickness and drying to be first concern and which can be a little expensive also.


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