PEEK Dental Material: Advantages


PEEK Dental Material is a rapidly supplanting metal segment in an assortment of utilizations. PEEK Dental Material is among the steadiest superior polymers in presence, which is indispensable for any biomaterial. Biostability and similarity are just the starts for PEEK, and its potential as a dental material goes a lot further. The polymer has been being used in clinical gadgets for years and years, it exhibits a noteworthy cluster of medication agreeable properties.

Advantages of PEEK Dental Material

There are various reasons why PEEK is an ideal dental material. It is a frontline decision for dental projections, removable partial dentures, and fixed prosthetic structures, and specialists are hopeful about its potential in extra applications.

1. Biocompatibility – PEEK’s biocompatibility has been demonstrated and different investigations have affirmed its nontoxicity. Even after use in a great many patients, PEEK is the ideal decision contrasted with metal, which causes an unfavourably susceptible response in as much as 15% of the populace. PEEK components are found in spine implants, trauma fixation devices, hip and knee arthroplasty and other clinical gadgets. In each case, there have been no issues with PEEK’s wellbeing in the body.

2. Mechanical properties – PEEK has a better strength than weight proportion, and this is particularly significant for dental implants and gadgets. Contrasted with metal, PEEK is lighter and more agreeable for patients. This additional solace doesn’t bargain sturdiness either, as PEEK can deal with grating and compressive powers without losing its respectability. This polymer is invulnerable to erosion and ingests water at a negligible rate, so it can keep going for quite a long time without enduring a drop-in execution.

3. Capacity to be machined – Dentists are depending on PC helped plan (CAD) and machining (CAM) like never before, and PEEK is an ideal fit for this. A fundamental component in current dental gadgets is an exact fit with the patient’s life systems, and CAD/CAM are important to make it. This guarantees the gadget will rest easily, utilitarian ideally, and keep going as far as might be feasible.

In the event that PEEK is machined to producer determinations, it will hold its properties in the wake of processing. This additional dependability considers greater adaptability during the planning stage and makes it simpler for dental specialists to accommodate their patients with a custom gadget. Look’s simple similarity with CAD/CAM strategies likewise implies it tends to be handled rapidly and reliably. So, PEEK gadgets can be dependably and immediately created.

4. Adaptability – This superior polymer is strong, yet not hardened. When unfilled, it offers a modulus that is like cortical bone, making PEEK a solid, adaptable dental material. With its additional adaptability, PEEK will feel normal in the mouth and stay tough even following quite a while of gnawing and biting. Dental gadgets should keep up their shape while being exposed to consistent pressure, and PEEK is among the best polymers at doing as such.

 5. Radiolucency – PEEK’s bone-like modulus and radiolucency were the two characteristics that at first attracted clinical analysts to PEEK, and it stays one of the polymer’s champion properties. As of late, an examination into PEEK dental implants has shown that the material has significant potential around here. PEEK’s radiolucency is a significant quality when the material is utilized in any implant methodology. When embedded, the polymer will deliver no visual impedance on X-beams, CT, or MRI checks. As X-beams are basic for dental diagnostics, PEEK’s non haziness on pictures will guarantee dental specialists can take care of their work in checking their patient’s wellbeing. In occasions where PEEK’s unrivalled radiolucency could be viewed as a deterrent, the polymer can be expanded with added substances like Barium Sulphate to create a better difference.

6. Aesthetics – Just as PEEK can be created to a custom shape easily, it tends to be correctly shading coordinated to the patient. Metal, conversely, is regularly difficult to stow away in the mouth, and this is a prominent issue for patients. PEEK is a simple dental material to incorporate into the oral hole, as its tone can be altered during preparation. Indeed, even full dentures can be created to seem normal, guaranteeing patients can talk, grin and eat with certainty.

7. Taste impartial – Yet another worry with metal gadgets is that they produce a metallic preference for a lot of patients. This isn’t a wellbeing concern, yet is a steady disappointment for patients who would prefer not to be reminded that they have a dental replacement or structure set up.


The PEEK dental material can be viewed as promising later on as an option in contrast to metals like Titanium and Zirconium, because of its top-notch mechanical properties. The altered PEEK materials have shown preferable properties over the unmodified type of PEEK. Because of its flexible modulus, strength, inflexibility, and lightweight, the uses of PEEK aren’t simply restricted to embed materials just yet in addition to various clinical circumstances in dental practice. In spite of the fact that the PEEK is as of now being utilized as precursor material in the spine, muscular, and sports medication, the utilization of PEEK polymer material in dental practice presently can’t seem to acquire force.


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