Most popular portable speaker system

portable speaker system

There are various speakers that are known to be popular in the market, it all depends on the results they provide as well as the name of the brand that gives them a good reputation. When the speaker leaves a good impression on someone, the word will go out on what their thoughts and critics are through this it would result in an instant recommendation. But what is it exactly that makes portable speakers so great and popular that everyone would want one? That is where we come in and start stating all the features that gets all the attraction and after we will mention a few of the most popular portable speakers and what we think makes them so great.

Portable Speaker Features:

Size and Weight-

Starting off with the speakers size and weight, this is one of the most important factors as the size would also result in the weight, the bigger the size the more weight it would be and vise versa. But for it to be on the professional side more than the consumer having a speaker that is small in size and weight but still provide the best sound quality is a big deal. This also relates to the portability side of the features and the less weight makes it more portable and the heavier it is can cause certain strains to the body, through pulling it down and many more.


Moving on from the size and the weight, this would be the biggest advantages for any portable speakers that you can find, it is very important when you state “portable” that it is true to its words. Purchasing something that has stated portability and doesn’t stand by its words, loses its brand reliability and value. It should always be a sort of grab-n-go speaker that would not take more than 3 minutes to pack up and move.


Lastly the pulling factor of any portable system would be the features that they provide, when going through the features that are included and seeing the results whilst using them. Speakers today are highly demanded to have a bluetooth feature available, as it makes the set up and every other process much easier and faster to get done. Finding a speaker that offers bluetooth and good quality sound is a deal breaker and would be at the top of the market instantly. 

Some additional features would be the whole outlook on the speaker, what color they are, the shape of the speaker along with the angles that the sound may reach. Another feature may be the fact that they are run through bluetooth and such applications, the ability to have control over all the technical features of the speaker and make the needed adjustments through an application on a tablet or phone is a very big advancement and overall makes everything easier. 

Best brands on the market today?

Now looking into which portable speaker systems would be considered popular to get and some of their fancy features they provide to people. Brand reputation is very important for a speaker to move forward and become more aware by the public.


Looking into Mackie as a brand they are known to provide the utmost best quality, given that their prices are reasonable and affordable those are some of the standing factors that Mackie has on their side. 

Their FreePlay series consists of 3 different sized speakers each for different uses, first looking at the FreePlay GO which is a portable bluetooth speaker, very small in size and light in weight being weighed 0.8kg, it has the FreePlay connect app so you can make custom configurations and adjustments, overall being perfect for taking it around with you whenever you want to blast your music out. Then there is the FreePlay HOME which is also a portable bluetooth speaker that has a slightly bigger build than the FreePlay GO and weight being 1.8kg, has battery life of up to 15+hours, FreePlay connect app and the ability to be used as a powerbank to charge phones and tablets, all these features are the same on the FreePlay GO. 

Finally looking at the FreePlay LIVE the last speaker in the FreePlay series has nearly all the same features as the other two, with its bigger body and weight of 4.0kg this personal pa system provides more power than the others, can be mounted on top of stands and the FreePlay connect app provides you with complete control on the EQ, presets and many more settings.

Having a in depth look into their speakers, really shows their quality and awareness of what the market would constantly look for.


Another brand that are known for their speaker would be none other than Bose, providing both towards the consumer and professional side but nonetheless provide impeccable sound quality that meets all expectations.

They have 3 different types of portable speaker systems being S1, F1 and L1 they each have different shapes and angles that they can reach. Starting off with the F1, it is the only system that has the ability for the arrays to be moved that would change the the angles that the sound may reach, various shapes that can it can be adjusted to would be C, J and reversed J. Whenever you make an adjustment on the angle and shape, the EQ would make their automatic adjustment. The L1 is a collapsible system that has six drivers that each are set at different angles, through this the sound coverage provided would be 180 degrees if it were to be vertical or horizontal. Including an amplifier, bass and built-in mixer, the best term to describe such systems would be an all-in-one speaker.

The last speaker we will be looking at will be the S1 provides the option for bluetooth, and ability to make adjustments to the EQ and such technical side through their application. The size of the S1 Pro much smaller than the previously mentioned Bose speakers, it has an automatic EQ, 3 channel mixer, reverb as well as the ToneMatch. It can be mounted onto a pole or placed in any area from a floor or table, this way it covers different areas. 


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