Loungewear for the Modern Men and Women


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was impossible to think of taking loungewear beyond your gym or the bedroom. Nowadays, people are even attending their online work meetings in loungewear.

Ideas to transform loungewear into a dress

Many of us still have a shortfall of ideas on how to convert loungewear into an outfit so that it does not look like you are in a Sunday-leisure mood. Following are a few tips to achieve the same.

  • If you are getting ready for a meeting and wish to have a semi-formal look then just put on a blazer over your loungewear. Remember the colour combination should be contrasting.
  • If you find it comfortable wearing night pants for men or night pyjamas for ladies during your sleep and want to carry the same style of loungewear to your work, then invest in buying better quality sweatpants for that purpose. Pair them with any shirt in pastel colours with minimum accessories.
  • Graphic t-shirts are a versatile option to enhance your styling. They can be paired with faded denim, skirts, sweatpants, or even trendy printed men’s pyjama or pyjamas for girls. You can look online for a wide range of these trendy-looking pyjamas from brands like Sweet Dreams. You can experiment with these combos without any hesitation.
  • Sweatshirts can also transform your look. Only you have to choose a bit oversized one.

Men’s loungewear

As many leisurewear manufacturing brands are on the rise with existing sports brands providing high fashion attires, a new era of style has evolved in the recent past. Yoga pants are not exclusively for women anymore and it is common to find them outside the yoga studio too. The shift of casual wearable outside your bedroom has changed the whole idea of how people dress up nowadays for different occasions. Athleisure is the new niche of style born and modern gentlemen found it functional yet stylish. As the name suggests, athleisure includes athletic wear along with modern loungewear. Following are the most comfortable and desired loungewear for men,

Premium fabric t-shirts

The most common item for modern loungewear is a simple t-shirt and the key feature for the stylish athleisure look is the high quality of the fabric used and the simple style.

Sweat Pants

It is important to select the perfect material according to the purpose while choosing the right pants for loungewear. Premium quality sweatpants are always a good choice.

Fashionable hoodies and sweatshirts are also perfect wearable as loungewear.

Women’s loungewear

Every woman needs comfortable attires to wear especially this year when work from home is the new normal. Besides, women need to do many domestic chores in most cases. So, their comfort is more essential to perform multitasking. Following are a few types a woman can try this year,


These sets are made of pure cotton. The upper portion is covered with a top that is easy to wear and fits well. The lower portion is styled with night pajamas for ladies. The elasticised edges provided at the bottom end of the pyjama helps you to pull it up if necessary while multitasking.


Many women find it amazing to wear a kaftan at home. Though this is specifically made as night wear, you won’t mind wearing it throughout the day while working from home due to the airy comfort it provides.

Cotton Set

It is perfect to wear a two-piece cotton set this summer while working from home. They are the utmost comfortable and breathable attire one can enjoy this summer.

Reversible set

These cotton sets are so printed and designed that they can be used on both sides. It increases your option by investing a lesser amount of money.

Hope this article will help you to choose the perfect loungewear to enjoy the new normal during this summer.


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