Looking for business set up in Salalah Free Zone, Oman?

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Oman has been one of the ideal alternatives for business investors and entrepreneurs from time to time. Setting up a business in Oman ends up being an adaptable alternative as it offers various streamlined commerce areas named ‘Free Zones’ focusing on various enterprises. Oman has 4 free zones. They are Salalah Free Zone, Al Mazunah Free Zone, Sohar Free Zone and Duqm Special Economic Free Zone. This article will see in detail about Free Zone benefits and by the end, you will understand why free zones has become investors favourite choice. 

Benefits of Salalah Free Zone Companies

  • It allows 100% foreign ownership
  • You will get a minimum of 30 years of tax exemption
  • Many FTA(Free Trade Arrangement) is offered by Free Zone
  • Salalah Free Zone is under expansion to meet direct links for cargo
  • Cost-effective labour, infrastructure and other facilities.

Business sectors allowed in Salalah Free Zone

It focus mainly on 3 sectors and they are:

  • Logistics and management 
  • Chemical Processing
  • Manufacturing Businesses

Licenses offered at Free Zone Oman

To do business here, you need to take a license appropriate for your business. We will see in detail which all licenses are available in Salalah Free Zone. The Different types of licenses provided by Salalah Free Zone are:

  1. General Trading License

General Trade License holders in Salalah Free Zone can import, export, store commodities as per the rules and regulations of the Authority

  1. Trading License

For carrying out import, export and storage of many activities can be done with Trading License. The details on which activities can be checked at Company Trade License Salalah

  1. Industrial License

With the industrial license, you can set industries and manufacture by importing raw materials and process them and export them. 

  1. Service License

This permit gives the advantage to the permit holder to do explicit administrations inside the Free Zone. It ought to be conceded by the parent organization and permit ought to be given by the particular government divisions. During the time spent on a business foundation, certain basics are to be given. Beneath referenced are not many reports that you need to keep prepared prior to continuing ahead for the foundation interaction.

Basically, it tends to be expressed that these free zones remains business-driven and are planned likewise. Accessibility of such free zones draws in a great many entrepreneurs and gives a stage to start their business roots. Assessment exception adds another layer to it making business foundation a lot simpler. In the event that you are wanting to build up your business in Free Zone in Oman, do reach us-we’d be happy to help you – Oman Free Zone Company Setup


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