Lesser Known Reasons Why Your Squarespace Website Needs SEO

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If you are not familiar with the term “SEO,” let us tell you that it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This full-fledged approach’s primary role is to merely optimize your website’s pages to get a better or top ranking at various local search engines. 

Even if you are not practicing frequent blogging updates for your website, Squarespace’s search engine optimization will still help your brand/business achieve more in the long run and stay on top of the list. Typically, if we see, it is quite manageable to focus on a decent website design. However, what makes a huge difference is to be aware of what’s on the website backend. And this is where SEO for the Squarespace website comes as a signature approach. 

Here we have put together a list of reasons that prove why you need to hire a Squarespace SEO expert and how much it benefits further. 

#1 Slow Loading Speed Spoils Everything 

The foremost thing you need to assure is to check if your website loads within 5-7 seconds or not. If the landing page is taking much more time than usual, then the chances are that visitors will leave the site before they see your content. The main culprit that can be the reason behind all this is the loading speed. Mostly, websites have high-quality images that take time to load; however, an expert will adjust the image file size so that it loads quickly, without compromising image quality. 

#2 Clear Descriptions Make things Clear

Well, it may not sound okay to you, but Google and the rest of the search engines need to understand the images and text on your website. Typically, many website owners put pictures and text with no detail. But how does an expert develop this? They include the keywords that are most suitable for the picture along with the business name. Not only this, they convert the file names into an alt text that merely helps visitors to understand what the image has really to convey about the products and services. 

#3 When Image Text is Hidden 

Not every Squarespace SEO company will highlight this point; however, it again makes a big difference to its overall ranking. Imagine a website with images all around and zero text. Sounds weird, right? When the pictures on your website aren’t having any text or the information mentioned is not clear enough, eventually, your content is invisible to Google and other search engines. You are ultimately contributing to a negative user experience, which can also impact the SEO outcomes. So, what an SEO expert does is to use text within the images in a short phrase form. 

#4 Meta Descriptions Are Actually Important 

Meta descriptions are one-line statements that appear underneath the URL in the search engine results. Their primary role is to inform the visitor what the website or Squarespace blog is all about. There has been a prevalent misconception that meta descriptions don’t make any difference; however, they significantly contribute to SEO results. There is a consideration that meta descriptions impact the overall CTR, and further CTR influences the SEO ranking. Makes sense! This is why every expert of SEO for the Squarespace website gives that much importance to meta descriptions. 

#5 Site Structure Explains Categorization

Unquestionably, site structure has to do much more with the website URLs as it helps Google and other search engines to understand the arrangement of the mentioned information. For instance, the services will indeed be housed within yourdomain.com/services/. This is how Google and other search engines know that certain content falls under a specific section. 

What Squarespace Search Engine Optimization practices are you currently using? Don’t forget to share it in the comments section below. 


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