How to Obtain an ITIN Number and how to check its status?


ITIN requires people who do not have a social security number to submit income tax reports. The Identification Number helps the taxpayer to make income tax returns. In contrast to other ID types, ITINs have only one function — tax and reporting. For an ITIN you won’t qualify for perks, such as Social Security or payroll credits for those reduced income filers.

Qualified Applicants

ITINs can be obtained both for residents and non-residents irrespective of immigration status. Aliens, their spouses and dependents who are not resident and resident can apply for an ITIN unless they are qualified for an SSN. Who needs an ITIN here?

  • Aliens that are not native and who have to file a tax return.
  • Resident aliens who are allowed by the number of days they stay in the US to file a tax return.
  • U.S. citizens or permanent aliens dependent or partner.
  • Non-resident immigrant visa holders’ dependents or spouses

The ITIN can also be obtained for tax filers who reside overseas.

The Application

The ITIN is a nine-digit number and is like an SSN. You must complete the IRS form W-7, Individual Identification Number Application for IRS in order to qualify to obtain an ITIN number. You may request ITIN at most IRS offices or most U.S. consulates in foreign affairs on IRS Form W-7. To find out whether the Office accepts Form W-7 applications, contact the IRS or the U.S. consular office in your area. For specifics on receiving IRS Form W-7 see the previous section How you apply. This request for a single page requires your:

  • If different, name and birth name.
  • Year and place of birth
  • Accompanying identification papers such as passport, driver’s licence or state identity identification
  • Initial or approved copies of foreign status or visa records

Global destinations, in particular short-term travellers who may not be qualified for an SSN, should be encouraged to apply for an ITIN before arrival in the United States, as the application process may take weeks. An ITIN programme can be found on the IRS web site and at the majority of IRS offices and some U.S. consulate abroad. Applications for U.S. Social Security Numbers can also be submitted overseas, accessible on the website of the Social Security Administration.

You must provide a previous identification number for your application if you have obtain an EIN in the past.

Application Process

For most taxpayers, this year’s return on revenue is expected on 17 May 2021. If you apply after the date of your taxation, interest or fines can result, so apply for an ITIN, either before your income tax declaration is due or before you submit your application.

You should hope to hear about your acceptance status from the IRS within a period not exceeding 7 weeks. If your application is accepted seek a letter in your mail from ITIN.

Double verification of your application for missed details or inconsistencies before you file it, since it may take more than seven weeks to review applications that are incomplete (for example, lack of valid identity or visa documents). You should verify the status of your ITIN submission by calling IRS at 800-829-1040 free of charge, and you are not receiving a reply within seven weeks.


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