How to Become a Good Content Writer by Gaurav Heera?


In recent years, every person at some point in time has either consumed or created content, be it as a professional content writer or a person searching for something on Google. Whether its content creators or content consumers, as members of the digital world, we are thriving on content and this particular field is growing boundlessly says Gaurav Heera.

With content coming in the forefront as the lead, quality content has become a priority. Be it a news article, a social media post, a chocolate cake recipe, or a how-to blog post, good content is important, irrespective of the category, topic, or audience. It is crucial for all companies structured around online marketing, social media marketing, branding, and also for people at a  personal level. Thus, how can you learn content writing?

The answer is simple. When we were kids, it took a lot of time for us to learn basic addition, so we practised it every day to perfect it. Similarly, practice helps the person in acing the skill. In this article, we will be discussing three tips which will help individuals learn content writing says Gaurav Heera. 

Read, Read and Read

To be able to create good content, one must be able to distinguish between good and not-so-good content. To do this, content writers must engage in reading as much as possible. Be it a fiction novel or an article on Indian History, it is very important to read.  It not only enriches the vocabulary, but it also introduces the reader to different styles of writing and structuring the content. It’s not just about reading, it is about understanding the inner workings and making mental notes about the comprehension of the textsays Gaurav Heera.

Perfect Practise makes Perfect

Coming from one of the greatest American footballer and coach, Vince Lombardi, the aforementioned quote has become a mantra to be preached for one and all. It takes a lot of practice to perfect a skill, thus the more one practises, the better they get in creating good quality content. Also, a content writer must also practise writing on different topics and different fields to enlarge their expertise. Thus extensive and frequent writing is the key says Gaurav Heera. 

Keep all distractions at bay

We might have discussed the importance of content creation in social media marketing, but since content creation and consumption go hand in hand, it also becomes a pit of distractions. No matter how enticing and engaging social media platforms may be, it is important to stay away from them and engage in meaningful and constructive activities says Gaurav Heera. 

These constructive activities include finding out what the audience wishes to read, going above and beyond the generic knowledge, usage of illustrations and images to make content more engaging, and finally working on one’s communication skills. It is an art quite rare to be able to convey thoughts and ideas through words and be understood completely by the audience. 

In Conclusion

To conclude, in this article we discussed three important tips to help an individual become a content writer. 

About Gaurav HeeraGaurav Heera is a content marketing trainer and brand optimizer heading DelhiCourses, an institute known for its best digital marketing course in Delhi.


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