How To Basic Guide To Ute Liners From Scratch

How To Basic Guide To Ute Liners From Scratch

UTE is basically an abbreviation for “utility vehicle” that is designed to travel over rough ground. They are incredibly famous in Australia serving them in a number of ways. These are versatile add-ons with variety of uses. UTEs are built to accommodate increased load area with the help of removable sides. It provides better storage capacity as compared to standard cars and are best for transporting furniture, plants and other essential items providing both functional and practical benefits.

However, to enhance the lifespan of your UTE tray you need to protect it from dust, damage, and scratches. Mostly, the UTEs are used for cargo handling in day to day service and at weekends they are used by campers carrying all the boxed and bagged camping kit. Using your UTE in such a way everyday will soon turn it into a second-hand one. To avoid such damage there are certain liners that help to protect UTE tray from damage of scratches and dust. 

UTE liners are basically an important accessory of UTEs that protects them from damage of dust, scratches, dents and fluid spills. If you go on using UTE without investing in appropriate liners, then it will get deteriorate with time and will reduce its resale value.  

There Are Two Types Of UTE Liners That Are Used Mostly By Its Owners:

  • Spray-On Liners – It is basically a thick rubber-like material that is applied on the UTE tray by method of spraying or painting. Special applicators are used to spray them and then inspected to ensure optimal quality and thickness is achieved for handling maximum utility. After drying, it becomes permanent UTE liner of tray. They provide tough and stress-free protection to your UTE tray or bed. They are resistant to UV rays, hence their colour doesn’t fade easily. Being tough and rugged in properties, they provide finished look and also prevent rips and tears on tray while carrying sharp edged cargo. 

This type of UTE liner is also waterproof and resistant to chemicals, fertilizers, bleach and corrosion. It eliminates the side effects of water retention by protecting the UTE tray from getting damaged by rust and corrosion. 

These are multi-purpose in use, especially made for daily drivers, military and police force. Because of their high tensile and tear strength they are highly used to carry heavy cargo in military and police force. They can be customized to various colour, texture and thickness options as per your style of work and choice. 

They can also be used on trays to withstand extreme usage without side effect. Sometimes, an additive fibre is used along with Spray-on UTE liners to provide better strength. This further enhances their tear and cut resistance to give better performance in extreme harsh applications.

  • Drop-In Liners – This type of UTE liner is more common in New Zealand. It comes in the form of moulded plastic that is slipped-in to fit on the UTE tray or bed. It is a budget-friendly and quick way to protect the original paint of tray or bed from scratching. However, they are made of low-quality plastic or rubber material, so they are highly prone to warping and cracking. 

As it comes in slip-in form, so it is easy to remove also when required changing. It limits the denting damage that is mostly caused when heavy load is being dropped into the tray. They are cheaper than spray-on but they lack aesthetic value and also lack colour options.

They have a tendency to trap dirt, debris and other loose material and suffocate the UTE bed. So, regular cleaning is must after every few months to remove all dust, debris and sand. Not just dirt, they also retain water that leads to rust and corrosion. They are installed on the UTE bed by drilling holes that can become loose over the time. So, you need to replace UTE Drop-in liners after every few months.  

As they are made of moulded plastic, so they are slippery in texture and become red-hot while under sun. This results in condensation between the original steel of tray and plastic of slip-in liner, increasing the risk of rust. Sometimes there is friction between the UTE liner and painted steel that causes the paint to strip off from several places, and they get rusted quickly. 

Hence, to conclude we can say that spray-on liners are far better option than drop-in liners. No doubt drop-in liners look cheesy and attractive at first but they don’t last long. Invest wisely and do some research before choosing the one for your UTE.  


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