How Technology is Helping to Improve Small Business Growth?

How Technology is Helping to Improve Small Business Growth?

Companies are rigorously investing in emerging technologies to boost their ROI, improve marketing standing, and ensure client retention. In order for you to grow your small business then adapting to AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and more is necessary in today’s competitive world. 

By using these technologies, you can boost your teamwork, enhance your digital blueprint, make a statement on social media, and galvanize your marketing strategies to name a few. There is ample room to improve small business growth with the current technology offerings. 

Process Automation and Communication

Many companies are now automating their processes. Robotic Process Automation, commonly known as RPA, is also helping small companies in automating common and repetitive tasks. As a result, such companies can do more with fewer resources. Moreover, such technologies are also enabling us to work remotely in the current pandemic. However, for all these services to work, you need a stable internet connection. For remote working, it works well. Thanks to advancements in 4G, we have blazing fast internet speeds even for domestic use! However, for corporate use, you need higher internet speeds owing to the larger number of users.

Technology makes it very easy to manage office tasks. Employees can use software to enhance their communication as well. Skype for Business is quite effective in this regard. To print out documents easily, you can use mobile printers. This is quite helpful for your sales team. They can easily send over bills to respective clients. There are many solutions that you deploy and most of them are not costly.

Optimize Your Website

In today’s world, it is of the utmost importance to have a physical as well as an online store. Interestingly, in some cases and especially in the eCommerce industry, having an online presence is more conducive for business oftentimes. Utilize tools for web analytics to better market your business. These analytics come in very handy in understanding the overall behavior of your customers. Additionally, they allow you to understand the type of keywords you need to use more often. There are many tools available online. Businesses don’t even have to worry about paying for them since an overwhelming majority are available for free. 

Get Fans on Social Media

It is now easy, more than ever before, to garner strong support on your social media channels. Therefore, utilize the potential of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. to market yourself properly. You can use these platforms and have a direct relationship with your customers. Make sure to connect with them by running socially responsible campaigns. Act as a thought leader and keep an eye on the metrics shared by these websites. 

Check for data analytics and insights from Facebook Business Manager. The same goes for Twitter and Instagram. You should periodically evaluate the interaction of your followers on these key social media sites. Their behavior will allow you to further refine your marketing strategies and gain more clients. Try to personalize with your customers and make yourself relatable. With the continuous updates in the metrics that these sites provide, make sure to be more impactful. You can also use external tools to get more in-depth insights.

Revise Your Marketing Strategies

There are many marketing opportunities available online. By utilizing recent technological advancements, many search engines have better algorithms now. As a result, on Google and other search engines, you can market yourself even more efficiently. You can use PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns to improve the ranking of your website on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Moreover, you can also do SEO without any significant cost investments. All you need to do is understand how SEO works and that’s it. Furthermore, you can also decide your targeted location for such activities. There are many tools available that will show you the prospects of a certain campaign that you have designed. Make sure to reap maximum benefits from them and further optimize your strategy if needed. 

Manage with Quality Project Software

Software for project management is literally life-saving. Why? Because it aids with effective communication and transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Understandably, this is extremely helpful and allows all the collaborators to be on a single page. Resultantly, the entire team from supervisors to team members is aware of the project stage. Anyone can easily inform others in case a problem arises Using the project management software, you can keep a record of this problem and schedule it for debugging, etc. Moreover, if it’s an outsourced project, your client can easily have a look at how things are progressing. This aids in improving the client-business relationship. 

Many companies are using automated software. I recently called Spectrum cable company for a bundle upgrade. The human voice guiding me on the phone was automated efficiently by the company and I had no issue registering my requirements to their system. It all went smoothly. Indeed, many companies are doing this. Phone a bank and an automated voice will guide you through all the steps. Thanks to technology, many complicated things are now simpler and easier.

Small business should try their level best in order to get maximum utility from these emerging technologies. Thankfully, many free tools are available and they can aid in exceptional business growth. Invest in these tools and see the benefits for yourself!


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