Get Ready to Eat Meals at Home with NDIS Meals.

NDIS meal

Fix your buckles and get set go with healthy meal plans. If you are one of the Australian citizens eligible for the NDIS schemes, find yourself lucky because the scheme will also cover your meals. You might not expect the scheme to cover the delivery and the preparation, but it does! The scheme has been serving more than 460,000 individuals in Australia as a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and you can be one of them. The plan is necessary and reasonable for an individual with disabilities because it covers the preparation and delivery of meals. NDIS meal providers offer a vast menu with diverse options, that too, with flexible plans. 

Reliable meal providers focus on convenience, balance, and taste and offer trustworthy meals to individuals. If you cannot cook food for yourself, NDIS meal providers can offer you the food plans according to you. It is as simple as ordering food from a restaurant, but you do not need to pay for the preparation and delivery costs. NDIS meals are a healthy meal solution for people with disabilities. Having home-delivered meals with healthy ingredients makes everything easier for individuals and helps you achieve your health goals! 

How does it work? 

Ordering meals under the NDIS scheme is as simple as anything. If you find yourself eligible for the scheme, start with getting in touch with a reliable supplier. They offer differentiated plans like monthly, weekly and daily. It depends on the meal plan delivery that suits you. Although whatever you choose, it will be convenient. For example, you can select the weekly meal plan delivery and store the food in the refrigerator. Simply microwave the food while serving.

How much does it cost? 

The meals prepared with healthy and delicious local ingredients are offered to you at affordable prices. The meals are hand-cooked and include no preservatives and added chemicals. The plans for these delicious meals start at $19.50 and vary accordingly. You can start by going for a short plan to test and try the food. Get lunch and dinner included in the plan, and if it is satisfactory, you can continue with the meals.

The NDIS meals are made according to your preferences and tastes. Let your meal provider know your diet and preferred dishes and get meals according to the choices. 

How does payment work? 

You can make the complete payment of a plan while placing the order. The NDIS meal provider will give you a detailed invoice of your payment. You will get the invoice within 3-5 working days after placing the order. 

How to know if you are eligible for home-delivered meals? 

Your NDIS plan should have Daily Activities or a stated line for delivery and meal prep in your Core Supports to be eligible under the NDIS home-delivered meals. If you are not sure about your plan, reach out to the provider, and they can help you. Order at ease and keep the check on your health. 


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