Flower pots that one can consider to keep at home


These days keeping plants at home or gardening has been quite a common thing among people. It is also a very healthy idea when one lives in a city full of pollutions.

No matter if it is a proper garden or a balcony garden or just the interiors of the house, one can keep plants in various plant pots which are available in different sizes, materials and shapes. There are many trendy pots that are available among which LED plant pots are also there and one can go for that if they have an outdoor garden.  Whatever plant pot one selects, they must consider the area where they can be used and plan that accordingly.

One also needs to choose containers that are in proper proportion to the size of the plants. One has to look for a container which is about one third as tall as the plant measured from the soil line to the highest leaf of the plant.

These are the pot variations one can look for when they are going for indoor greens:


They are available in variety of sized and shapes. Terra cotta looks great and suits anywhere because of its earthy colours and it can enhance the beauty of the plants. They are made from porous clay which is rich in iron and the potting soil keeps the plant cool. It can also wick away the excess moisture from the plants. Though there is a problem of using terra cotta and that it they are fragile. They can dry out quite rapidly and break down if they are kept under extreme sun.


If one is not really too picky about the appearance of the plant pots then they can always go for the plastic variations. These nursery pots are durable and they can also retain moisture well. They are also relatively inexpensive. They are lightweight and so one can easily rearrange them at home corners and at balconies. But one must not go for dark coloured plastic pots because they will be absorbing a lot of heat and this can damage the tender roots of the plants.


Concrete is heavy. But that also makes it ideal for containing large plants or trees which will need more support to keep them standing and growing. These pots also have a great insulating property and so they can protect the tender roots of the plants and maintain a comfortable soil environment. They can be kept outside even at cold and the plant does not get harmed.


This is the most natural and practical containers one can think about. Wood planters look great and they can easily retain water. These pots are also relatively lightweight. When one is choosing wooden pots then one has to make sure that they are made with rot resistant woods like redwood, cedar pr something where the wood does not shrink.When it comes to LED lighter flower pots, they are the trendy variations that one can keep at outdoor areas.


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