Facebook’s Oversight Board – Is it right to ban Trump?

Facebook’s Oversight Board – Is it right to ban Trump

Facebook’s Oversight Board is the independent body which is empowered to review the social network’s most complex platform moderation decisions. It has now started to accept public comments on the company’s decision to “indefinitely” ban former President Donald Trump after the US Capitol attack on January 6th.

Issue behind the whole story?

There were two posts including a video and text post. The one was the one-minute video which Trump posted to his account on January 6th. The video includes repeating false claims that the US election was stolen from him and offering words of sympathy to the Capitol rioters. The second one was a written post by Trump, “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so sudden & violently removed from great patriots who have been unfairly treated. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!”

The FOB is as of now thinking about whether to topple Facebook’s restriction on previous US president, Donald Trump. The tech goliath restricted Trump “inconclusively” recently after his allies raged the US capital. 

The tumultuous revolt on January 6 prompted various passings and far and wide judgment of how standard tech stages had remained back and permitted Trump to utilize their instruments as bull horns to prepare division and scorn instead of upholding their principles for his situation. 

However, after at long last prohibiting Trump, Facebook very quickly alluded the case to it’s self-selected and so called Oversight Board for survey — opening up the possibility that its Trump boycott could be switched quite expeditiously through an excellent audit measure that Facebook has designed, financed and staffed.

What happened next?

Soon after, Facebook removed the video and took down the post. Subsequently, Facebook banned Trump from its platform and Instagram for 24 hours before saying the ban would remain in place indefinitely. Trump’s pages remain live and he has not been permitted to post anything on Facebook or Instagram since January 6th.

Facebook referred to the Oversight Board and cited the unusual actions company leadership felt compelled to take after Trump’s incitement of a riot. The whole scenario leads to left five people, including one police officer who was dead. The Oversight Board announced its first rulings on five cases that uphold only one removal and overturning four others.

Facebook’s Nick Clegg, its vice president of global affairs and communications stated, “We believe our decision was necessary and right. It is important for the board to review it and reach an independent judgment on whether it should be supported.” 

Now what will happen after?

The Oversight Board is looking for comments on what should be done in similar situations in the future. Also, the comments are welcomed on how Facebook should “assess off in enforcing its Community Standards.” The guidelines are to protect privacy and security publicly as part of its deliberations and eventual ruling.


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