Everything You Need To Know About Knee-High Compression Socks

Everything You Need To Know About Knee-High Compression Socks

Juzo soft knee-high socks are made of a snug-fitting and stretchy material. These socks are known for gently squeezing your leg and creating compression. The pressure they create around the ankle helps to get rid of many problems. They are loose as they move up your leg and tighter at the ankles. To be more direct, compression sleeves are nothing but socks in the shape of a tube without the foot. Juzo compression socks should be considered only after the prescription of a physician or doctor.

Compression socks are generally used by athletes, pregnant women, pilots, or all those who spend long stretches of time on airplanes. Many doctors and physicians also recommend the usage of compression socks to people with a risk of circulation problems, people who have just had surgery, all those who stand the whole day at work, and everyone who has a hard time moving their legs.

Uses Of Compression Socks

  • The pressure put by Juzo stockings helps the blood vessels to work better and therefore results in proper blood circulation. Through these stockings, the arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood, tend to relax and let the blood flow freely. This further boosts the veins to push blood back to your heart.
  • Juzo soft knee-high socks can also help you get rid of tired and achy. From curing swelling in the feet and ankles to preventing spider veins, compression socks can help a lot. Even when you feel dizzy, these socks can turn out to be your savior.
  • With the help of compression socks, the blood keeps on moving. With the continuous movement in the blood, it is harder for your veins to make a clot. Blood clots stop the flowing of blood which would further lead to swelling, discolored skin, and many other problems.
  • Many athletes and players wear Juzo stockings and sleeves on their arms and legs. The motive behind wearing it is the blood flow. Due to compression caused by the socks, the blood flow will be better and an adequate amount of oxygen will reach up to the muscles. This will prevent the tissues from getting damaged. And if in case there is any tissue damage, continuous blood flow with compression socks will help in recovering the damage quickly.
  • As per the surveys held, these socks cause no hindrance in the performance of an athlete. All they do is cause a positive effect on the performance of athletes by keeping blood circulation in the best condition.

While wearing Juzo compression socks make sure you smooth it out before wearing and not bunch it up. The socks should not be too long. It should also not fold down as that can make it too tight on your legs. You are free to wear socks, slippers, shoes over the compression stockings. Lastly, do wear these socks as per your physician’s suggestion.


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