Essential marketing tips for small business owner

Essential marketing tips

Marketing is the backbone of any business. No profession can grow and succeed without a full-proof marketing plan. But unfortunately, marketing is expensive, especially for a small business or startup that is working on a limited budget.

Most businesses cut costs on marketing only not realizing how much adversely it affects your business. If you don’t have a marketing plan in place, it will become hard for your business to reach out to its customer and increase sales because customers don’t know about you.

Therefore, you can never compromise with marketing. Though, you can find a better way to market your brand, something that aids in its growth while not cutting your budget too much.

Here are some tips for the same.

  1. Establish an identity for your business

One of the keynotes for marketing is establishing an identity for your business correctly. If you go about it in the right way, it can yield great results for you. But if you are not branding the business correctly, it can go downhill real fast.

To brand your business correctly, ask these questions:

  • What does my business stand for?
  • What is the vision and goal of the business?
  • What personality will my brand have?
  • Who are the competitors, customers, and what are their likes and dislikes?

Answers to these questions will aid you in figuring out how to create a mission statement, logo, colour scheme for your business which establishes an identity for your business. A logo is a visual description of your business sentiments, so getting it right is crucial. Use Canva to design the logo with affordable and professional guidance. Do remember that depending solely on the logo is not right. Work on your customer experience and product quality for creating a better identity.

  1. Always carry a business card

Carrying a business card with you always is crucial. Whether going to events, seminars, client meetings, or a social gathering, carry paper or digital business cards. You never know when a business opportunity may present itself. It will do you good to have your information on hands so that you can pass on to a future client. A business card is a small but effective marketing tool as it has the details that can aid the client to keep you in mind for their business needs.

  1. Invest in a website

A website is an inexpensive way to market your business. It would cost you some amount to get a website up and running, or you can create it free on WordPress. But after that, you can work on it yourself and update it and add blogs (or ask freelancers).

A website helps promote your business, provide credibility to it as customers will look at the site before making purchasing decisions. So, have accurate information on it and a way for people to contact you.

  1. Claim listings

Every business needs clients to grow, which can be hard in the beginning. But not if you claim listings. It is a simple process that makes your business visible to numerous people. 

  • So, start by creating a business account on Google.
  • Then create a Google plus profile
  • Then add information regarding your company and profession in Google My business profile.
  • It helps because when a customer searches for your business on Google, they will see this information on the right side of the page. It exposes your business which helps with leads.
  1. Promote the business on social media

Social media is not a fun platform only. It has proven itself beneficial for tons of businesses. The home-edit firm in the US, which organizes home/office started and grew their business using social media only. Now, they have a Netflix special and have worked with tons of celebrities.

So, if you use it the right way, with sensational content, appealing images, using captions and hashtags correctly, you can achieve this success too.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing gets you directly into the inbox of your customer. When you have an email list, never let it sit, put it to better use by sending the newsletter and other promotional emails to your customers. Make sure they are relevant, informative, short, and appealing. You don’t want to overwhelm the customer to the point of unsubscribing.

Get innovative with your marketing tip. Use these tips to get ideas and start working on them pronto because marketing can make your business float or drown, so don’t avoid or compromise with it.


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