Easy steps to come up with custom T-shirt design ideas

T-shirt design

As the customer demands are growing day by day. Custom designs have been one of the trending topics these days. All this hype about them is worth it because they are economical, beautiful and funny altogether. Therefore, companies and businesses use custom t-shirts on a large scale to stand out from the rest. No matter what the reason, custom t-shirts for men and women are here to stay for many decades to come. 

You need to come up with innovative ideas to create designs for custom slipcovers. Many graphic designers will help you design your t-shirt. However, it is important to search for design inspiration.

Here are some tips that you can refer to-

Understand your message 

Most of the customers already have a vague idea of what design they want.

Therefore, when creating custom t-shirts remember to understand your message clearly. For instance, if it is for a basketball team you should make sure that the team’s name is bold, big and easy to read from a great distance. Likewise, if it is for little boys you might want to add some superhero designs to it. In addition, it is important to remember that not all ideas will work well on a t-shirt. Therefore, you must think clearly about your ideas and designs.

Take time to create your design 

You should take out a relevant amount of time to search for designs and ideas that are trending. You should research well to understand which material of fabric you should use and the prints that go with it. Although simple is always better. Having a wide range of designs to choose from will be able to attract more customers.

When it comes to designs be creative as much as possible 

  • You can take inspiration from everything under the sun. You can also use topics that are trending to print custom t-shirts for men. 

Some other ways to consider designs for custom shirts are given below-

  • Use hand-drawn illustrations- They are a trending design for printed t-shirts nowadays. Some witty lines along with a simple picture would be an excellent example of t-shirt design.
  • Bring back the retro style design- The 80s and 90s were an era of colourful printed patterns and designs. With custom t-shirts, you can bring back the retro style in a trendy new way. Zigzag patterns and colour splash have been the teen’s first choice. With a modern age touch and mixed variety, you can bring back the retro style design in your men’s t-shirts.
  • Use collage designs- Pictures have great quality. They bring out emotions without losing the professional touch. A good college will contain a few pictures; however, it will not look messy. They can be great printed t-shirts for men. Use Typography- They have always been in demand. They are pleasant at first sight, sleek and beautiful. There can be hand-drawn or isometric typography. They are both equally likeable. Hand-drawn typography always draws attention and are unique. You can use a simple dialogue on a bright or darker background.

On the other hand, isometric typography has 3D letters that are bold and have a different style.

Choose your preferred t-shirt colour and style.

After choosing a printing method, your colour pallet can be limited when it comes to the garment or shirt itself. You may have to do some final design adjustments so that it does not clash with your apparel.

Normally, light or white colour designs will look best on dark shirts. Similarly, dark colours will look good on light t-shirts. You may have to experiment and play around with colours if they are somewhere in the middle shade range.

Know your customers

Last but not the least, you need to know who you sell to. Businesses, family, pets, couples, food, social movements or sports, any of them can be your niche market for men’s t-shirts. If your niche is too small, they won’t have enough buyers. However, if it is too broad you will not be able to meet your target effectively. Therefore, it is important to hit the right spot.


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