Common Business Scams Every Trucker Should Know

Common Business Scams Every Trucker Should Know

The trucking industry is not free from scammers and people who want to take advantage of others for their gain. When a trucker is scammed, this can mean a potentially significant loss for the business, which can eventually affect the workers of the business. If you are a trucker, you need to be aware of some of the most common business scams to ensure that you and your business are protected from them.

Lumper Services

One of the most common business scams that every trucker should be aware of is lumper services. A lumper service in itself is not illegal. But the manner with how it is executed becomes a target from scams. Big groceries and store chains often entail the need for lumper services to aid them in unloading the cargo from the trucks. In this case, they should shoulder the cost of the services of the third party offering the said service.

However, there are cases wherein the truck driver pays for the services beforehand, expecting to be reimbursed after a while. Lumper services become a scam when the truck driver is not reimbursed for the amount that he or she spent to pay for the services, particularly if it is clearly stated in the agreement that the grocery or store chain should shoulder the cost.

Financing Scams

Another common business scam that truckers should be aware of is those that involve financing options. In this kind of scam, people pretending to be part of financing companies will get in touch with truckers who are actively looking for funding options, perhaps in an attempt to acquire repossessed used semi trucks to start their business or expand their fleet. As soon as they lure the trucker to give sensitive information such as their credit card details or social security numbers, then the trucker is already at risk of these financing scams. The details that the scammers acquire from the trucker can be used for various purposes such as making fraudulent transactions on their credit cards.

Identity Theft

Truckers are also not free from identity theft, much like other businesses in various industries are targeted as well. In this case, scammers will exert the extra effort to copy a trucking company’s name in an attempt to impersonate the business and perform transactions on their behalf. This is quite dangerous for a business because apart from a potential loss in revenue, the credibility of the business can also be smeared because of these scams. From there, it will prove to be quite difficult to bring back the trust of the clients of the trucking company, hurting the business significantly.


There is also the threat of cyberattacks in a trucking business, particularly when you are already leveraging the advancements in modern technology to run your business operations. In this type of scam, those with malicious intentions will do everything in their power to get over the software and programs that you are using to run your business operations. They can either inject a virus into your system, causing your operations to cease indefinitely, or steal confidential information from your company.

Final Word

The business scams listed above are only some of the things that you as a trucker should know about. When you have a good idea of how these scams are played out, you will be in a better position to protect yourself, your company, and your people against people who merely want to take advantage of your business for their gain. Rest assured that with the help of everybody in your company, you will be able to be more cautious about these business scams.

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