Choose For Yourself- Traditional Number or a Virtual Phone Number System


If you are a businessman and run a small business, several phone providers approach you to get their service. How do you decide on selecting the right service provider for your business? This article will take you through a side-by-side comparison between the traditional Phone system and the virtual phone system. This will help you to acknowledge all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular service and then select what is best for your company.

Traditional Phone System

The traditional phone system has more physical features to it. It is a box connected by wires to every phone in the company’s office. The cable lines from that box are laid down on roads and then connected to the main Telephone provider’s office. Therefore, the companies that are located at different locations need multiple brain boxes.

The system consists of devices that are [premier-based as they depend on the number of users and numbers required to make the calls.


The advantage of it is that you only need to do a one-time large payment and then the job is done. You need not need to pay one more installation costs as the monthly fee for the services is also considerably low. However, the total cost is in bulk and many small-business owners might find it expensive. The phones will not work when there is a power outage or bad weather. This will directly affect your customer’s experience as you will lose all your communications.

Virtual Phone Number System

This system is entirely based on the internet and managed on the cloud. Hence, you can manage the entire system on the cloud and do not need any physical or hardware controlling unit for it. The calls can be made and received on any registered number via any device.


There are no device constraints as well as you can choose up to 800 virtual phone numbers for your company. There is no dependency on the power as the system will remain unaffected even during power outages and you can continue to communicate with your customers efficiently. The employees working in your company will not have to sit in one place and attend the calls. They can travel and telecommunicate as well. This will increase their productivity also.

Despite all these benefits, there is one small task that the system cannot do for you. You need to install the phones shipped by VoIP Company and train your staff to handle the technology.

The virtual Phone number wins the battle. The traditional system might have certain advantages but it cannot overpower the benefits offered by a virtual number system. A user must understand the scope and use of the system and then make a wise choice. But, in general, no other system can fight the pros of a virtual number. When compared to the old day’s telephone lines, this virtual system has more to offer on the table. As you see that virtual phone number has many good qualities and advantages so that the business person can use it in their business. They will make contact with ringcentral vs MightyCall or other service providers and choose the best service for their business.

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