CBD Vape Oil – Not the Same as CBD Oil in Tincture!

CBD oil

Vaping CBD is the most effective way to take CBD. This is because inhaling CBD gives the highest bioavailability. Bioavailability is how much and fast something gets absorbed into your bloodstream – so higher bioavailability is when more CBD is absorbed at a faster rate. The bioavailability of the CBD differs depending on what format you take your CBD. Vaping CBD is highest as the CBD is absorbed almost instantly via your lungs whereas if you eat a CBD edible less is absorbed and at a slower rate as the edible has to pass through your digestive system before it is absorbed. So you definitely should pick vaping if you want to feel the effects of the CBD quickest. However, if you do, you cannot just put CBD oil into a vaping device, you will need to buy a specific CBD vape oil. I will explain in this article why this is the case. 

So you have decided vaping CBD is the best option for you – what next? If you just google CBD oil for sale or CBD tincture for sale with the hopes that then you can put whatever you buy into a cartridge or tank of a vape device, you would be wrong. This is because CBD oil from a tincture will break any device as it uses a different carrier agent to what is required for vaping. CBD oil is made from hemp extract and then MCT oil or another edible oil whereas CBD that you would vape will be one of two ways: 

  • CBD e liquid: this is the same liquid as what is used in non-CBD vape liquids. It is a combination of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). The ratio of PG to VG will determine the vaping experience. For example – the more VG, the thicker the white plume of cloud and more PG, the more flavour, but with a slightly harsher smoke on the back of your throat. The key difference to other e liquids or vape liquid is that, instead of nicotine or flavouring, this base liquid is blended in with hemp extract to make it a CBD e liquid. 
  • CBD vape oil: as mentioned this is different from CBD oil which you pipette into your mouth from a tincture and then swallow. As the name suggests this is CBD oil that is specifically made for vaping. CBD vape oil is the healthiest way to vape CBD as it is the most pure. It is literally hemp extract and natural terpenes for flavour. This means it is not mixed with any other carrier oil such as PG / VG or MCT. 

CBD vape oil is a lot stronger than a CBD e liquid as it is not diluted down by any liquid – CBD e liquid tends to be between 5 – 10% strength whereas a CBD vape oil will be 55-70%. This is great if you are looking to vape less regularly but want a stronger hit when you do. 

CBD vape oil has a much thicker consistency to CBD e liquid and so is a lot more viscous. As such, it will require a different type of vape device depending on which you decide to go with. For a CBD e liquid, you can use the type of device people use to vape regular e liquids or vape juice and just fill up the tank with CBD e liquid. For CBD vape oil, you will need a vape pen that is powerful enough to heat up thicker oils and extracts. If you can’t decide between CBD e liquids or CBD vape oils, why not keep your options open and get a vape device like the Paso vape pen. You just screw on your choice of CBD cartridge (510 compatible) and select the right voltage setting for the type of cartridge – the highest / strongest setting for oils and the lower setting for e liquids. If you have any suggestions as to brands that you like please add to the comments below. 



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