Boxers for women and jogger pants for women


Boxers for women or the loose boxers are the under pants that has its origin since 1925. The boxers were initially designed for men and were used by the boxers and the boxing fraternity. These were loose under pants and were used for the free movement of legs. The boxers wear these under pants with leather belts earlier but were replaced by the elastic bands in the year around 1944-1945. Some men started wearing them by replacing their briefs or under wears. Some men thought that the loose under wear as boxers increased their level of fertility. Women started buying them since 1990- till now onwards.

 As these under wears gained popularity, many manufacturer started making them to keep pace with the ever increasing demand. The demand was initially for the sports but later even the women at home also started wearing them. Some women wore them under the jogger pants for women. For the players a strong material with stretching qualities was recommended. The choice was narrowed down to nylon and spandex. Both these materials have the stretching capabilities and are strong and sturdy. In bright colors and designs, many big giants like Nike and Adidas manufactured them. Most players wore them while participating in various sports and games and specially during track and field events in big sporting events like Olympics, Commonwealth and Asian games.

Initially these boxers were sold in white color but now since 1990 onwards they are manufactured in variety of colors and designs. Boxers for women when used at homes are made from fabric like soft cotton and soft cotton blended with some other fabric. This  makes these boxers for women very durable and comfortable. These shorts are so comfortable that they do not irritate the skin and also hides the panty linings. Young women use them as their night dress too. These shorts are worn majorly at places which are hot or has moderate type of climate. Companies like Jockey and body care offers their quality product at their stores . These stores deliver quality product to the buyer with loads of discounts. The boxers when at display look phenomenal with a massive variety there.

The pandemic has left us with no choice but to buy the jogger pants for women from the online shopping sites. You can find a whole range of  pants there. The quality of product is extremely good and great discounts in the offing. If the joggers and boxers for women are not liked by you or that they are not up to the mark quality wise, these online shopping sites offer immediate return/refund of the stuff. The joggers are available in multiple colors and are sold like hot cakes. This winter season the sale of joggers has 


gone up manifold and since harsh winters are there round the corner, you can find newer designs at the offing. With New Year is just a few days away, many people have decided to move out of their homes to go out for vacations at distant places, they make it a point to carry joggers with them while travelling.

The joggers are not only meant for jogging purpose but can also be used as track bottoms while going out for treks and jungle walks. As these pants are versatile, they are used as pyjamas too as night wear. Some women trek to high altitudes also during the Christmas week end. These pants comes handy for the brave and adventurous women while trekking and travelling. Some women  who do not travel far and wide use these joggers during their morning and evening workouts. Women prefer bright colors while buying their joggers. The most popular color is black and red. Women look elegant when they wear these pants.

Boxers and joggers have found their place in the women’s wardrobe and has now become a necessity. Most women those who are really health conscious and wants to keep themselves fit , buy these Boxers for women and jogger pants for women from stores like Body care and from high end stores like Marks and Spencer. Available in myriad of colors and designs, they are a treat to the eyes.


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