Basic Car Parts You Should Know About

Car Parts

You need to take your automobile to a servicing centre if and when something appears to be off, however, it comes in handy in case you know a little bit about your vehicle and its parts. It would be helpful for you if you take your car’s manual and look at the vehicle components diagrams so that you know about the most important parts of your car and where they are located. Learning about vehicle components will help you in having a detailed discussion with your technician about the maintenance of your car. It will also help you in figuring out if and when you are being exploited by any service provider or technician.


The battery is an important aspect of any vehicle, outdated or modern. It lets your vehicle turn on, without it your vehicle won’t run. Car batteries offer the jolt of energy that is required to power up the engine along with other electrical accessories such as headlights, taillights, brake lights, indicator, etc, for your automobile.

So, basically, your battery converts chemical electricity into electric electricity which then is transferred to the starter to begin the engine. In a majority of cars, it is likely to be placed below the hood, and you can easily identify it with the (-) and (+) symbols. In case you want to jump-start your automobile, all you need to do is attach the red clamp of the jumper cable to the (+) sign and the black clamp to the (-) sign on the battery.


The alternator generates an electric charge that transfers mechanical energy into electric energy through an alternating current (AC). Along with the battery, it helps in providing power to the electrical system of the automobile. As the automobile moves, the alternator makes use of the mechanical electricity created in order to recharge the battery. Struggles with the battery may be the end result of overcharging from the alternator or zero charging.


Axles are another vital element that are required when the vehicle moves, puts brakes and takes a turn. Axles are connected to the wheels and help support the burden of your automobile, deliver electric charge, and are an essential aspect withinside the steering system.  Most of the new models are geared up with a split axle, wherein each wheel on the respective side is hooked to a separate shaft, making the journey smoother and extra comfy It also helps in enhancing cornering and traction, which extends the durability of the tires.


Speaking of breaks, it seems very simple, however, there are several elements of your vehicle’s brake system. For, instance, there is the brake pedal, a caliper, a light switch, pad and rotor. Typically, when something is out of order with the brakes, it is mostly because there is something wrong with the caliper, pad, or rotor.

Brake calipers can be placed in the front of the vehicle or rear of the vehicle, however, they are going to be placed at the back of a wheel. Even the brake pads are at the back of a wheel, and, with time, the padding will start to wear out. You will know a pad is near to ruin when you start hearing loud, screeching sound whenever you put a brake.

Another essential part of the brake system is the brake fluid which helps in the smooth functioning of your brakes. Brake fluid provides the hydraulic system that amplifies the pressure that is required to slow down and ultimately stop your automobile.

Finally, the last but not the least part of the brake system is the brake rotor. This element is placed alongside the caliper and pad, and it tolerates a deal of heat whenever you put a brake. Braking is impaired when the rotors start to fall apart. It is always better to replace the rotors in pairs just to be on the safer side and avoid any mishaps.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is a vital part of the emissions function system and is used to reduce nitrous oxide, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide. These gases are produced during the combustion procedure. The converter is manufactured from stainless steel which uses a catalyst to eliminate dangerous emissions. An automobile with a defective catalytic converter will trigger the check engine light as a notification to the driver.

The newer vehicles models come with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system which works on Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The best type of DEF is AdBlue. A lot of people say that DEFs are not available easily, which is wrong. You might want to search AdBlue for sale near me online, and you will get a number of options to buy the fluid from. You can get AdBlue at the nearest supermarket, gas station, or even online.


Similar to many parts of the car, the radiator is also located under the hood. It might be placed close to the engine due to the fact its duty is to cool the engine down and protect it from overheating. It is of utmost importance to have enough quantity of engine coolant to make sure the engine temperature in no way rises too high.

To save you from an overheating situation, the coolant flows in the course of the automobile attracting the heat and carries it far from the engine block to the radiator. The warm air travels via the radiator’s fins wherein air travels throughout the liquid, cooling it. Finally, the warmth and the heat is dissipated far from the automobile into the atmosphere.


The muffler is a part of your vehicle’s exhaust function which is answerable for keeping it silent during the movement of the vehicle. You will find the muffler placed between the engine in the front and the tailpipe in the back. It is imperative that you get the muffler related problems resolved as soon as you notice them because it can cause a complete catalytic converter system failure. At this time even the most efficient fluids such as AdBlue isn’t going to work. This can cost you a huge bill as you will be required to replace the entire catalytic converter system.


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