All You Need To Know About Free Zones In Oman

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Salalah free port, located adjacent to Salalah Port, is managed and operated by Salalah free port Company, a subsidiary of ASYAD, and is one among Oman’s most vital industrial hubs. The free zone is extremely competitive within the region for labour, utilities and infrastructure prices, and situated in shut proximity to material sources and rising markets.

In line with the government’s policy to supply business opportunities and support for little and medium enterprises, the Salalah free port and in cooperation with the associated to develop tiny and medium enterprises like business setup in salalah free zones  (such because the analysis Council, and therefore the National Center for business, Al Raffd Fund, Youth Development comes Fund – Sharaka, Intilaqa, Sultanate of Oman Arab Bank, and Bank Dhofar) they need shaped a joint unit to ascertain a middle to support and development tiny and medium business opportunities within the free port in Salalah, wherever the middle can reclaiming new and innovative business supported the present and future investments in SFZ, and place it to the voters to make the most opportunities center.

Free zones have invariably been the attention-getting issue for investors to ascertain a business within the GCC countries. These zones have played an excellent role in conveying international businesses to their several countries as sure areas they hold stand as tax-exempt zones. Beginning a business in the Sultanate of Oman has invariably been a favourite spot for international investors due to the supply of the free zones. If you’re getting to expand your business in the Sultanate of Oman, then you’ll positively pick Sultanate of Oman free zones. This guide can provide you with an overall plan concerning company formation in Oman free zones.

Salalah free port is home to a range of enormous, multinational corporations and medium-sized entities – all able to find out operations quickly and expeditiously because of its quick-start programme and providing a large variety of spectacular, trendy facilities together with offices, reposition and shops.

Advantages embrace 100 percent foreign possession, 1/3 import and re-export duties, up to thirty years company tax vacation and 1/3 taxation aboard sector-specific zones and clusters – that address the distinctive infrastructure desires of individual industries short whilst providing integrated, tailor-made supply solutions across the worth chain. Customers are unit able to cash in of trade agreements with America, Singapore, Europe and therefore the GCC.

The shut proximity of Salalah free port to the air and ocean ports acts as a catalyst for multi-modal property guaranteeing seamless movement of products, making worth chain integration opportunities. Key world markets area unit among a pair of weeks sailing time, providing top notch inward and out certain port property. The worth proposition of Salalah free port is additionally increased by having backcountry access to the inhabited Yemeni market. 

Strategically situated on the most East-West Shipping Lane, Salalah provides the region’s quickest access purpose to the broader geographical area, Indian landmass and geographical area – markets value over USD 620 billion in merchandise and materials every year. Salalah Port is located aloof from the Straits of Hormuz reducing overall freight prices.

Salalah free port recently pledged to hurry up registration procedures for brand new investors to confirm they receive initial licenses within an hour.

Benefits of fitting an organization in Sultanate of Oman free port

  • Investors get 100 percent possession
  • No Minimum Share Capital demand
  • No company tax for a amount of 10 years
  • No duties area unit obligatory on import and export procedures
  • Minimum five years of lease
  • Trade will begin among Sultanate of Oman while not a neighborhood agent

How to found a Business in Oman Free Zone?

For associate capitalist, one should follow the below-mentioned method to include one’s business in Sultanate of Oman free zone:

  • Submit the Plot form
  • Reach associate agreement on the business Terms
  • Submit a No Objection Letter to the Ministry of atmosphere and Climate Affairs
  • Clear the due diligence method
  • choose a plot and acquire associate approval for its application
  • Pay the lease, incorporation and license tax
  • Collect the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Sign the lease agreement

Documents needed to line Up a Business in Sultanate of Oman 

  • Name of the investors in conjunction with their country of origin
  • Plot size needed to line up business
  • Business arrange in conjunction with Capital Investment
  • A figurative illustration of total employment generation
  • Total electricity and water demand
  • Contact details of the capitalist
  • Projected payload volume

Summarizing the info, we can say that Sultanate of Oman free zone company setup are heading towards progress and also are providing an excellent platform for business investors to take a position in. The placement holds an excellent potential for each established further as startups and conjointly provides a chance for investors to expand their business to the neighboring countries. To initiate the method, it’s suggested to possess a word with a business authority UN agency is well versed with the Omani legal rules and laws, business setup processes. This may assist you to include the entity at a quicker pace and in a very hassle-free method. inquisitive whom to approach. 


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