A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Used Golf Course Mowers

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The mower is the basic requirement of golf course maintenance and it should be in perfect working condition. You have to pay extra attention to why you are buying used golf course maintenance equipment. There are some credible sellers available online where you can find reliable equipment. Affordable price is the best thing about used golf course equipment. Credible sellers also provide a warranty against technical faults before supplying their used products. As a customer, you also have to be aware of various important things that we are mentioning below. 

Buying a used golf mower

  1. Consider both reel and rotary models

in order to maintain turf of a golf course, you need two different types of mowers i.e.

  1. Rotary
  2. Reel

They differ on the basis of blade mechanism. Reel mowers almond for high precision work in areas like tee box and fairway. On the other hand, we need a rotary mower for rough areas. Even in some cases, these mowers also work in hazard areas efficiently. Therefore, keep your budget divided into equal parts for both of these models. 

  1. Check their comfort features 

Working on a golf mower means exhausting your entire day in the golf course. In order to work efficiently without getting tired, the mower should be equipped with adequate comfort features. This includes a cool top canopy keeping your head calm under the hot sun. Check the seating quality whether it is comfortable enough for a whole day task or not. 

  1. Buy an extra pair of blades

While buying a used Toro golf course mower, it is advisable to buy an extra pair of blades alongside. The blades get damaged frequently because of the rough terrain conditions. The probability of damaging reel blades remains higher because they trim grass more precisely from the lowest possible surface. Don’t forget to buy a tool kit for their replacement. You can find various online video tutorials to learn blades replacement procedures. 

  1. Choose from top brands only

While buying used golf course equipment, don’t forget to check the brands available there for sale. Always choose John Deere, Jacobsen or Toro golf course mower if you are expecting high performance on a low budget. Branded products have a longer life even in used conditions. Their parts are easily available. Also, you can get technical support in almost every corner of the world. 

These are some useful tips to consider while buying used golf course maintenance equipment. If you invest smartly in good quality equipment, it will be worth every single penny. 


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