7075 Aluminum and Its Significant Features You Need to Know

7075 Aluminum and Its Significant Features You Need to Know

In the 19th century, affording aluminum was only possible for super-rich people. Actually, people were unaware of its electrolysis extraction process. The primitive aluminum extraction process from its ore (bauxite) was very difficult. Even silver and gold were also inferior when aluminum was hard to obtain. Since the entrepreneurs of the western world discovered the electrolysis process of extraction, things changed drastically. 

Right now, this lightweight metal has become an integral part of various industries. There is a huge demand for its alloys because of their incredible strength despite lightweight. One of the heavily demanded alloys is 7075 aluminum. In this alloy, aluminum remains the base metal contributing up to 90% of the total composition. In order to enhance the strength factors, zinc, magnesium, chromium, iron, silicon, titanium, manganese and copper are added in small percentages. Currently, 7075 aluminum is one of the strongest alloys available in the market for industrial manufacturing purposes. Let’s dive deeper to know more about it. 

General characteristics of 7075 aluminum 

  1. This grade of aluminum alloy is specifically known for its high strength despite lightweight as compared to various steel variants. Its ultimate tensile strength is 83,000 ps (much better than low carbon steel with 79800 psi strength).
  2. Its high strength is the reason why machinability is quite difficult. We can give it an average score when it comes to cutting with a great finish. 
  3. Talking about corrosion resistance, oxidation chances are higher because of the iron composition.
  4. 7075 aluminum has a great fatigue strength. Industries like gear and shaft manufacturers use this alloy to withstand the most stressful conditions. 

Mechanical properties of 7075 aluminum alloy

  1. Along with the ultimate tensile strength of 83000 psi, the tensile yield strength of this alloy is very impressive. It possesses an incredible endurance of 73000 psi to stay in original shape without reaching the fracturing point. 
  2. Before permanent deformation, it can bear the incredible stress of 48000 psi which is much higher as compared to its competitor 6061 aluminum alloy. We call it sheer strength. This strength represents the resistance power of metal against external forces causing damage. 
  3. The fatigue strength of 7075 aluminum alloy is 23000 psi which is enough to consider it a perfect material for aircrafts manufacturing. Basically, it is the ability of an alloy to withstand cyclical loading. 
  4. When stress is applied, the modulus elasticity of this 7075 aluminum sheet can withstand up to 10400 ksi which is higher than its 6061 aluminum variant. 

If you compare the mechanical properties of 7075 aluminum alloy with its nearest competitor 6061, it has edges over every factor from tensile strength to fatigue resistance. This is the main reason why heavy machinery manufacturers need it for various purposes including:- 

  • Missile parts manufacturing
  • Forging gears and shafts of vehicles
  • Various fittings of aircrafts
  • Aerospace applications
  • Worm gears 
  • Valve parts

After critically examining all the features of 7075 aluminum, we came to the conclusion that high strength is its main USP. LIghtweight is another major reason why it is considered as a better alternative to steel. 


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