4 Biggest Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Ever since Edward Budding invented the glorious lawn mower in 1830, the practice of making the golf lawn look greener became straightforward. After all, it promotes smooth surface conditions, ultimately heading towards less friction with a golf ball. Now that it’s been more than 100 years of invention, one can find the more advanced and state-of-the-art mowers for golf courses. John Deere golf course mowers are an impeccable example of leading-edge equipment.

However, no matter what the version or brand of golf mower is, users still make blunders when maintaining the equipment. Thus, to let you work without error, here we present the top 4 golf mower maintenance mistakes to avoid at any cost.

  1. Not Maintaining The Sharpness Of Blades

Dull blades of golf course mowers can tear the grass instead of shaping it beautifully. It is why you are supposed to sharpen your mower blades at least three times a day. This will help to eliminate the case of white streaks on grass, leading to ultimate smoothness.

  1. Not Cleaning The Mower Deck

Another common issue found among users is that they do not clean the mower deck often. In such a case, the accumulation of grass or dust can make the deck rust faster and spoils the machinery. Thus, to avoid this challenge, you ought to clean the mower deck after every mowing job. 

  1. Not Using The Mower For Suitable Application

There are plentiful varieties in golf course mowers meant to serve distinguished purposes. If by chance, you do not match the implementation of the mower with the right application, it can result in several problems. Thus, before bringing one into use, have a grasp of its mechanics and its right set of applications.

  1. Not Choosing Top Quality Mower

They say, “Cheap things are not good. Good things are not cheap”. Since you are about to invest a substantial sum of money in purchasing golf equipment, considering the top quality is quite essential. With this, you can accomplish your work with utter efficiency. Besides, you can also save your money as the chances of maintenance reduce. 

Pro Tip: We suggest you opt for John Deere golf course equipment. Being a remarkable manufacturing brand, it offers powerful, reliable, and comfortable mowers at affordable prices.

These were some of the major mistakes in context to mowers that can lead to inefficiency in the golf course. Thus to bring utter smoothness for players at the course, make sure you are using your John Deere golf course in the right direction.


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