3 Things To Know About Birthday Cakes With Photograph


Birthday cakes with your face on it is the new way of celebrating your birthday. With the evolving era and time, everything has changed and so is the concept of cakes. Earlier it was all about having a cake and eating it on your birthday but now your birthday cake is not just a cake, it has your photo on it. People have become quite used to ordering photo cake online.

The concept came into action long back but took rage recently when people started finding the photographs of their friends and relatives on the cake a creative way of expressing their love. To be honest, it is not just about printing gory images of your loved ones on the cake but more about making the cake look more customizable and your loved ones feel more special. Whether you order a photo cake online or offline, you always have an option of customizing it with preferable flavours.

With 100% edible ink and food colourants, these cakes are safe to eat. Also, photo cakes are the fastest making cake. You can literally get them in a few hours. Therefore whenever you are running out of time or have no last-minute idea to make your loved one feel special, all you need to do is order photo cake online. With that being said, here are four more things that you should know about photo cakes.

Photo cakes are also known as edible images

Because a photo cake gets printed with edible ink onto an edible icing paper, they are named as edible images. Not just cakes, but you can also ask the baker to print the image on cupcakes as well. Now that you know what edible images are, you better order them today!

Photo cakes need special printer and paper

Photo cakes demand a real effort. As the image printed over the cake has to be crystal clear, faultless and of course edible; icing sheets made of FDA approved ingredients, edible inks and edible papers are used. The printer can be a regular inkjet one but the paper and ink have to be edible.

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Photo cake can have any image on them

There are no special restrictions on what type of image can be printed on a photo cake. Edible images on the photo cake are just like any other image that you can print. If the image is of high resolution, ink and paper are edible then no one can stop you from eating any image that you wish to eat.
So if your birthday is around the corner or you are planning to surprise your someone special with a photo cake then looks no further. There many bakeries like Delicious Edibles that offer hot and fresh cakes with your picture replicated on the cake. It is one such bakery for birthday cakes that uses advanced techniques to ensure that you get exactly what you see. You can provide them with the high-resolution images so that the picture printed on the cake is crystal clear and faultless. To know more about them, comment down below!


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