3 Sureshot Signs of an Overcharged Car AC System


When your air conditioner is working correctly, it should come on nearly instantly after you push the button in your automobile to get it going. If your vehicle hasn’t been moving in a while, then you typically have a moment or two to expect before you start seeing any cold air venting out. That said, here are a few signs that indicate your car needs a quick Air con service

#1 Lack of Cooling 

As lame as it sounds, and evident at the same time, this is one of the most common signs that your vehicle’s AC system is overcharged. If the liquid doesn’t have that right amount of space to adjust, then it won’t offer that adequate air as it is supposed to. Chances are you may experience that a significantly less amount of air is coming through the vent or the worst can be when it may start blowing hot air.

#2 Uneven Compressor Noise 

When a system is overcharged, the compressor stays on the job to work much more challenging as compared to the normal to be coolant enough. Bear in mind that your AC actually works and turns the compressed liquid into gas form and goes back into the liquid state again. The results can be in the form of a noticeable crackly sound as the compressor will manage to pump everything through the issue. So, this is again the moment when you need to consider a mechanic for air conditioning service. 

#3 Engine Problems 

Without any doubt, the AC system draws ample power to keep the vehicle inside cool enough. If the system overcharges and compressor struggle to give enough cooling, then definitely it is going to use excessive force. This can ultimately cause noises from the drive belt as it shots up the speed while causing the belt to break. So, whenever you find your car engine with lousy fuel economy, poor acceleration, or rough idling, it is a sign that the ruptured AC system is also affecting it somewhere. So, before it becomes a definite sign, make sure to get an Auto air conditioning inspection done from a certified mechanic. 

In the end, it may seem to most of you that an overcharged AC system will give more cool air, but that’s not the case. The AC system is an exact setup and the chemicals involved are quite hazardous. This is why it is not a job to be done on your own. It is not only illegal in the term, but is not okay for health and safety. So, ensure to locate a professional mechanic who rectifies these common problems with a thorough aircon service. 



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